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Synonyms for wean

gradually deprive (infants and young mammals) of mother's milk


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detach the affections of

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Current wean rates were difficult to compare with previous years' rates because the patients/residents admitted to our facility had increasingly complex medical and clinical presentations, requiring extensive nursing care, as well as equipment such as specialty tracheostomy tubes and augmentative communication devices.
If the litters per sow per yr are only 2.1 or total born is 10.0 or less, it is biologically impossible to wean more than 22 PPSY.
Brabender Instruments Cope, EEMCO Division Edge-Sweets (PTI) Erie Mill & Press Farrel French Oil Mill Machinery Haake Jaygo Kobelco Stewart Bolling Lightnin, a unit of General Signal McNeil & NRM Morehouse-Cowles Division Moriyama Nerpco New England Engineering Pomini Charles Ross & Son Skinner Engine Teledyne Readco Wean Industries
Bpex knowledge transfer manager Lis Ravn said: "The aim is to help every producer move towards an extra three pigs per sow year weaned, whether they're currently about average at 23 pigs weaned or if they're already at 27 and want to get to 30.
There are no measures of readiness to wean that the bedside clinician can employ with a reasonable amount of confidence.
Late foster sow A sow that weans her own litter and then weans piglets from other sow(s).
"If for some reason a parent wants, or needs, to wean their baby earlier, then four months or 17 weeks is the absolute minimum age to introduce solids.
A recent report in the British Medical Journal about when to wean babies has really put the cat amongst the pigeons.
When to wean pups QI have puppies that are around three-weeks-old.
(7) Mothers who are younger, lone parents, with lower educational attainment or lower family income have been found consistently more likely to wean early.
If the babies are not completely weaned in this time, then starting with the biggest babies, wean two each day until the entire litter is weaned off.
If they continually fail their SBT for several days it might be worth trying a "wean" approach.
If delaying weaning, farmers are advised to wean no later than three weeks pre-calving to ensure the cows are able to produce sufficient colostrum.
The contentious topic is one that has caught the attention of Susannah Taylor, founder of Get The Gloss, Grazia columnist and mum of three, since she began to wean her third child, Willow, now 11 months.