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Synonyms for wean

gradually deprive (infants and young mammals) of mother's milk


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detach the affections of

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The point is that we as clinicians keep trying to wean the patient from artificial support.
Neuromuscular disorders associated with failure to wean from the ventilator.
29) described the possibility to rapidly wean a COPD patients intubated for an acute respiratory failure by using the helmet during NIV.
A: Yes, it is possible to gently guide a two-year-old to wean from night nursing.
Wean's father, Tim Wean, and sister, Towhee Wean, are partners.
After four days on the ventilator, Rachel and the team were able to wean and extubate the patient.
Implementation of our initiative increased the wean success rate by 40.
If the babies are not completely weaned in this time, then starting with the biggest babies, wean two each day until the entire litter is weaned off.
The Daily News' editorial says ``we must balance new drilling with other policies designed to wean Americans from consuming oil.
During the past year, a pair of new technologies has emerged that, if properly nurtured, could provide the key to a broader effort to wean Americans off foreign oil, drastically reduce pollution, and help slow global warming.
HERD PROFILE FOCUS IMPROVEMENTS ON All herds Lower wean age, increase average parity and matings/service Low PPSY Breeding techniques: Farrowing rate and nonproductive days Medium PPSY Breeding techniques: Farrowing rate and nonproductive days Litter size High PPSY Breeding techniques: Farrowing rate and nonproductive days Litter size Preweaning mortality
It will depict the story of your baby's life, with the focus on sleeping--and/or weaning, if you want to use this idea to help wean baby from the breast or bottle.
Cows that conceive earlier in the breeding season typically wean larger calves that are worth more money.
Alexeff-Snyder Enterprises Berstorff Birch Brothers, Southern Cope, EEMCO Division Edge-Sweets (PTI) Erie Mill & Press Farrel Iddon Brothers Killion Extruders Kobelco Stewart Bolling McNeil & NRM Menzel New England Engineering Pomini Charles Ross & Son Paul Troester Maschinenfabrik Wean Industries
Previous results from our group reported that, in an artificial rearing condition, piglets offered creep feed were observed to wean themselves before cessation of milk availability, and the timing of this self-weaning depended on the nursing frequency.