wealthy man

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a man who is wealthy

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The great roomy armchairs, covered with brocaded damask; the old fashioned, gilded candle-sconces above the chimney-piece, and the window curtains with their heavy tassels, showed that the cure had been a wealthy man.
But if you were once a Venetian senator, you must have been a wealthy man.
Mujahid Afridi, son of a wealthy man and nephew of the Pakistan Tehreek-e-Insaf (PTI) district leader in Kohat, had apparently targeted Rani after she refused his marriage proposal.
From the infamous groping tape capturing his degrading contempt to the women coming forward claiming they were demeaned by a wealthy man abusing his position, Trump's unsuitability for the White House is on record.
Rhys Williams Wealthy man invests money, wealthy man pays tax, people get jealous of wealthy man and protest.
He's a wealthy man and it looks like he'll be willing to spend a little bit which will help Everton as a football club.
After all Ukip is a party, who wants us to withdraw from the EU, yet is led by someone who, already a wealthy man from his time working in the City of London amongst those who got us into the economic crisis, has become very wealthy from all his expenses as an MEP.
When she marries an extremely wealthy man much older than herself, who also winds up dead of a heart attack, leaving Joan his money, the police become even more suspicious.
00pm, Film4 A small-time lawyer (Matthew McConaughey) thinks he's landed the case of a lifetime when he's employed to defend a wealthy man accused of attempted murder, but the trial takes a dark turn and he must protect those he loves.
Ronnie and Joe cross paths with Charles Hutton, a wealthy man who worships his wife Camille and daughter Georgia.
A wealthy man hangs himself but leaves a new, handwritten will behind: one that will involve his family and his black maid in a murder trial and a series of puzzles only Jake can solve.
In the black and white movie Cherrill played a blind flower girl who mistakes Chaplin, the tramp, for a wealthy man.
She does however end up falling for a wealthy man, just as many other events unfold throughout the series.
Yuanchao said: "I'm not a wealthy man and we've never been able to afford doctors who might have been able to help him.
9billion, according to Forbes magazine, making him the world's 490th most wealthy man.