wealthy man

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a man who is wealthy

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When she marries an extremely wealthy man much older than herself, who also winds up dead of a heart attack, leaving Joan his money, the police become even more suspicious.
00pm, Film4 A small-time lawyer (Matthew McConaughey) thinks he's landed the case of a lifetime when he's employed to defend a wealthy man accused of attempted murder, but the trial takes a dark turn and he must protect those he loves.
Ronnie and Joe cross paths with Charles Hutton, a wealthy man who worships his wife Camille and daughter Georgia.
A wealthy man hangs himself but leaves a new, handwritten will behind: one that will involve his family and his black maid in a murder trial and a series of puzzles only Jake can solve.
In the black and white movie Cherrill played a blind flower girl who mistakes Chaplin, the tramp, for a wealthy man.
She does however end up falling for a wealthy man, just as many other events unfold throughout the series.
Yuanchao said: "I'm not a wealthy man and we've never been able to afford doctors who might have been able to help him.
9billion, according to Forbes magazine, making him the world's 490th most wealthy man.
Nadir had been a wealthy man and had an extravagant lifestyle when he stole pounds 28.
It follows that you were a wealthy man who stole out of pure greed.
DAVID CAMERON is a very wealthy man but he has not a clue about the suffering of so many in our own country.
Carey Mulligan is playing Gatsby's love, Daisy Buchanan, who is married to Buchanan, a wealthy man having an affair with a mistress (Isla Fisher) in the city.
A wealthy man launches a madcap car race from New York to California 1976 ***
DPO told that the accused abducted a wealthy man Haji Gulab Khan and demanded rupees 30 millions ransom for him.
50pm) A headstrong woman sets out to marry a wealthy man for his money, but stops off in a sleepy Scottish seaside town where she falls for the charms of a dashing Navy officer.