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Synonyms for weak-minded

displaying a complete lack of forethought and good sense

having only a limited ability to learn and understand

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And when weak-minded individuals are bombarded with calls offering credit cards and loans, it is all too easy and tempting to fill out the forms, accept the credit cards and spend freely on consumer goods, electronics, entertainment and travel.
Warning banking customers against "surprise thefts", Lt-Colonel Nasser Suleiman Al Maskari, Head of the Operations at the General Directorate of Central Operations, noted: "Unprotected money attracts weak-minded people.
Was its dramatic collapse the fault of a weak-minded tsar who was no match for his strong-willed wife?
The Croods PREMIERE THE CROODS Friday, Sky Movies Premiere, 7pm PREMIERE Nicolas Cage voices Grug, the strong-willed, weak-minded head of a neanderthal family who face extinction every day.
People who are brainwashed by Islamists must be very weak-minded.
What if Wayne Gretzky's mother was his first teacher of hockey and supported him in hockey, and his dad sat in the easy chair with a newspaper and said, 'Hockey is for the weak-minded.
You might say I am a weak-minded person but it's not right.
The former BBC man is down on his own luck, but his traditional view of 'human interest' cases like Philomena' s is that they're 'a euphemism for stories about weak-minded, ignorant people'.
Blackmailing has become a powerful weapon for some weak-minded people.
WITH regards to that fiasco that was the meeting of minds of those so-called leaders of the EU, all I could make of it was that it had nothing to do with saving the euro, but it was about Germany saving its place at the top and bossing all the other weak-minded leaders in the eurozone.
The Panic Room actress says that Edward is weak-minded and doesn't think they can overcome the odds against them, but Bella has faith in their relationship.
Such instigation was accepted by some weak-minded people who thought their actions will pass without a firm stand against whoever surrenders his will to the instructions and orders of foreign entities that seek to extend an influence outside their narrow circle.
It's one thing to exhort existing doctors (many of whom are godless atheists), liberals and civil liberty nutbars (and some of them are even women) to protect weak-minded females.
Kuwaiti market, urging them to fight weak-minded sellers who try to exploit
When is there an end to weak-minded people not treating or thinking of other people as human?