weak point

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Synonyms for weak point

an imperfection of character

Antonyms for weak point

an attribute that is inadequate or deficient

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The babies are very little and inoffensive and good, and it is hard that they should be used as a means of filling up gaps in conversation, and their features pulled to pieces one by one, and all their weak points noted and criticised, while they stand smiling shyly in the operator's face, their very smile drawing forth comments on the shape of their mouths; but, after all, it does not occur very often, and they are one of those few interests one has in common with other people, as everybody seems to have babies.
Saxon shuddered, then resigned herself to Billy's playful demonstration of the weak points in the human anatomy.
You pick out and discuss, in the company of congenial friends, all the weak points in your opponents' organisation, and unconsciously dwell upon and exaggerate all their mishaps, till it seems to you a miracle that the hated party holds together for an hour.
The first weak point was identified at transmission, when the virus has to survive the transfer from one individual to another," Dr Bull said.
Finishing was the 38-year-old's weak point for he missed a succession of doubles, with the scoreline only so convincing because of the seven maximum scores of 180 Van Barneveld hit and Sorensen's lack of consistency.
City's shooting was a weak point but they held on to strengthen their promotion challenge.
Gels caused by contamination, however, can produce a weak point in a tube or even start a hole in film.
Besides introducing a kink into the molecule, this double bond dramatically lowers the fat's melting point--making oleic acid liquid at room temperature--and inserts in the molecular backbone a weak point where any later chemical reactions will tend to begin.
Brown believes the central defensive pairing of Jocky Bjorklund and Patrik Andersson is Sweden's weak point and he'll tell his men to pressurise them.
Another weak point identified was the stereo system, often integrated into other electronic systems such as climate control and GPS.
His weak point seemed to be a vein in his leg - he was wearing shorts -which in fact was a graze, and the fact that his eyebrows seemed to overhang his eyes.
Business confidence, and the resultant level of business investment, improved in 2004 and 2005 after a weak point in 2003.
He noted that reconciliation policy being run by leadership of the PPP should not be taken as its weak point.
But if Spitzer's work represents the only real weak point in the exhibition, it's one that's pretty harmless.
The MPs' report concluded fences were "one weak point in an otherwise excellent system".