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a place of especial vulnerability

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Moreover, pentito (Mafioso who collaborates with the judicial authorities) is explained as a concept of the weak part of these networks.
The authors concluded that the existing high school guidance system is a weak part of the nation's efforts to increase college attendance.
But that's about the only weak part of the 22-year-old's formidable anatomy.
In the wake of the Hull catastrophe and with the boos ringing in his ears, Ramos admitted the attack was the weak part of his side and came out with the profound statement that it's going to be hard to win matches if his team doesn't score goals.
If there is a weak part of my game it is bunker play.
If there is a weak part of this book, it is Part 1, "General Issues in Clinical Microbiology".
They have all followed his lead and taken to doing at least 20 minutes extra training every day, practising the weak part of their game.
It's always been a weak part of my game, but I'm working in the right direction.
The only weak part of the country is the Northwest.
The best it can hope to be is a less weak part of its company - not a very motivating prospect.
I find this theory to be the weak part of the book, because it assumes that farmworkers have always wanted to organize and gain control over their employment, that farmers have implacably opposed these organizing efforts, and that the State acted as an umpire, shifting from the side of the farmers to the workers' cause in the 1970's.
In addition, there are very few unencumbered assets in the portfolio which Fitch believes would significantly limit GGP's operating and financial flexibility in a weak part of the economic cycle.
I can very much see that if Scotland goes its own way, that the English will tell Wales - you either accept the fact that you're part of a union and a very weak part of the union, and basically you're not going to get any more than any other part of the union that is left.
He further said that the distribution sector is a weak part of the power sector and problems related to it need to be addressed cautiously.