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Group chairman and Holme Valley North councillor Edgar Holroyd-Doveton said: "Establishing WAW will be a great benefit to the area.
Recycle around the home In response to research published by WRAP (Waste and Resources Action Programme) which revealed that in many households recycling takes place in the kitchen only and by just one or two people, WAW developed a campaign called Full House.
And despite sidestepping the expected commercial follow up she is no less a fan of the show ``I'm not so sure that people are tiring of the formula because Waw Ffactor is still quite new and I think more people are watching this time round, '' she says.
If WAW wants to assert incineration is safe, we will match it study for study.
Richard Parry Hughes, chairman of WAW, said, 'If the process of getting children to think about reducing and recycling the waste they produce can begin at home, and be continued at school, then all the better.
Waw Ffactor will be broadcast on S4C on Friday at 8.
Gyda rhaglen deledu a chytundeb CD ar gael i'r canwr neu gantores sy'n cyrraedd y brig ar ddiwedd y gyfres, bydd pob un yn gobeithio mai nhw fydd a'r Waw Ffactor arbennig i gipio'r wobr yn 2005.
WAW is a major entry ticket for Caspen into the lucrative world of sports entertainment promotions and TV programming, not only in the United States, but also Western Europe and the young and expanding TV markets of Eastern Europe.
WAW designs and implements pro-active, creative programs that enable our clients to capture the attention they deserve from the investment community and the media.
Councillor Richard Parry Hughes, chairman for WAW, said: 'Overflowing dustbins and extra bags of rubbish are too common a sight after Christmas so we are urging everyone to rise to the challenge and make sure they recycle this extra waste.
She joins WAW from Corus Steel Packaging Recycling, where she headed communications activities.
A bydd y sianel yn parhau i gynnig rhywbeth swynol i'r glust ddydd Gwener wrth i ni groesawu'r gyfres Waw Ffactor yn ol i'r sgrin fach.
Merthyr Tydfil council is supporting WAW and asking people to use the free e-card service in place of traditional cards.
By reducing the level of waste you produce and reusing and recycling rubbish you can help WAW in its campaign to utilise waste as the valuable resource it really is.
Every year, according to WAW, as much as 83sq km of wrapping paper will end up in UK rubbish bins, enough to cover an area larger than Guernsey.