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Synonyms for wavy

Synonyms for wavy

(of hair) having waves

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uneven by virtue of having wrinkles or waves

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Iconic clown peace activist, MC Wavy Gravy, will lead the festivities.
We think with the warming Arctic these types of very wavy patterns, although probably not in the same locations, will happen more often in the future.
Ellen said: "Cheryl has bucked the long-hair trend by opting for a wavy, bob style that is going to be really easy to manage.
SIR - With reference to the plans for Cardiff Central (July 17): While I agree in principle to the proposed improvements, there are certain aspects which will detract from the appearance of the frontage of the railway station, namely the wavy roof and the pillars and trees partially obscuring the title Great Western Railway on the building.
Available in 6 textures: Straight, Wavy, Curly, Tight Curly, Kinky Curly, and Relaxed Straight.
New Delhi, April 26 ( ANI ): Women with wavy hair should feel lucky because they have endless options when it comes to styling.
KG, which recently introduced wavy french fried potatoes to dive deeper into a market it describes as "the hip world of young people.
The Curved Wavy Platters and Riser add dimension and visual appeal to case sets, say officials for the Twinsburg, Ohio-based firm.
Solutions for the flow over a specified wavy surface are desirable for understanding the process of wave growth under the action of wind and the effects of surface configuration on drag (Caponi et.
We talked about how straight vertical and horizontal lines seem to be standing still or taking a nap, and how wavy, curvy and zigzag lines look like they are hopping, running and skipping across the chalkboard.
The second Cinema Pacific Filmmaker Dialogues event, featuring two screenings of "Saint Misbehavin': the Wavy Gravy Movie," takes place Thursday at the Bijou.
The ex-Posh Spice, 36, ditched her bed-head bob for wavy WAG-style extensions as she stepped off the plane for a sunny break at her 19th Century villa near Bargemon in the south of France.
He had short, wavy brown and dark ginger hair and a long, thin, straight nose.
Wavy wall flows occur under a wide variety of engineering applications and have received considerable attention in different numerical and experimental investigation [1, 2, and 4].
scientists have come up with a new mechanism that may outsmart spammers who break though captcha wavy letter systems on websites.