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Synonyms for wavy

Synonyms for wavy

(of hair) having waves

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uneven by virtue of having wrinkles or waves

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"For fine hair it would be better keeping to a blunt cut and for thick wavy hair, you need more texture, so do this by chopping into the ends."
styling y t ti Shayk at this year's Globe Awards "Use texturing spray and a curling tong for a wavy look," Belle recommends.
"When it's sleek and straight it's perfect for a more "professional look, or wavy for a natural sexy " evening look."
TULSA Griffin Communications announced that Dave Michaels, better known as "Wavy Davy," has joined 92.9 The Drive KBEZ as program director and afternoon host from 3 p.m.
'Highway' actor Alia Bhatt looked celestial in a white gown with her hair in a sleek wavy look
The 2nd Quorn Scouts worked hard to strip the turf off a wavy linear bed on the roadside verge entering the village, raked the area level and sowed poppy seed.
Due to their design wavy fries are crisper than the usual variety.
For these surfaces the geometric model of two-dimensional wavy 2D profile can be applied as a first approximation.
The wavy surface is always selected to help to improve the heat transfer rate and thermal performance of the fin-and-tube heat exchanger [12-18].
In order to take advantage of boundary layer restarting and higher surface area multiple fin designs have been studied by researchers including plain fins, louver fins, slit fins and wavy fins.
FRISCO, Texas -- Curls LLC has been providing natural hair care products for women and girls with wavy, curly and kinky hair since 2002, when chief executive officer Mahisha Dellinger founded the company in Elk Grove, Calif., where she was living while working as a marketing manager at Intel Corp.
The firm, which had recently acquired a banking license, said that it is unveiling Wavy, a new, free P2P payments service that can be used in the iOS and Android platforms.