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Synonyms for waviness

(of hair) a tendency to curl


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unevenness produced by waves or wrinkles

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On the other hand, the interdiffusion process and intermixing consume the great portion of the energy from the shear stress and normal stress imbalance at the interface which at first should allow the interfacial waviness to be produced in the incompatible polymer systems.
The simulation is done quickly but many important results such as the spring back angle, the existence of waviness or unusual movement of sheet cannot be obtained.
2004, "Effect of waviness and spacing on the lateral vortex structure and laminar heat transfer in wavy-plate-fin cores," Int.
The windows are original and evince the waviness that is a sign of aged glass.
Discontinuity and waviness of the fascial cords with adjacent soft tissue edema are seen on the MRI.
Despite intensive heating, meniscus of the melt at distance 3-5 mm from the mould surface is in solid state, which is the reason of waviness of the ingot surface and presence of flashes [6-8].
Data exhibiting a periodic waviness in [DELTA]c/[DELTA]n
Journal parallelism, roundness, straightness, waviness, and other attributes are consistently within part-print allowances and much improved over incoming conditions.
Due to its superior strength, flexibility, elasticity, durability, waviness, luster and natural beauty the wool of Asian sheep is most ideal for weaving carpets.
The long reach of the probe arm also enables the SV-3000 to measure multiple cross sections and waviness over a wide range.
The model is used primarily to examine the influence of capillary surface waviness on the electrokinetic transport behaviours.
Rollers are quality checked for waviness and roundness by optical inspection machines, which employ proprietary SKF methods.