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Synonyms for waviness

(of hair) a tendency to curl


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unevenness produced by waves or wrinkles

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With proper thermal mixing, large-inventory dies are not necessary and the ID waviness can be largely eliminated.
We measured the waviness index for IM-3 collagen fibers sampled from near the outer surface of the mantle wall and from near the inner lumen surface (in a zone about 10% of the mantle thickness for each) for both contracted and hyper-inflated mantle tissue (Fig.
Analysis of waviness of formed surfaces showed that there is a possibility to produce moulds and prototypes of high surface quality.
In material science, the microstructure of machined surface topography, as a non-stationary random process, is a characteristic of paramount importance for the study of contacting surfaces and it can be generally characterized by three statistical characteristics: texture, waviness and roughness (4).
com/industrialmetrology) has developed the W10, a portable surface roughness measuring system that's capable of checking more than 40 roughness and waviness parameters as it can be fitted with an array of probes and accessories.
The corrugation aspect ratio [gamma] (= 4a/2[lambda]) describes the waviness of the profile, and a flat parallel-plate channel is obtained when the corrugation aspect ratio is zero.
The corrugation aspect ratio [gamma] (= 4[alpha]/2[lambda]) describes the waviness of the profile, and a flat parallel-plate channel is obtained when the corrugation aspect ratio is zero.
Symptoms of AMD include progressively worsening vision, contrast sensitivity abnormalities (for example, having difficulty reading in low light), waviness of vision (called metamorphopsia), and missing some areas of vision (called a visual scotoma, like looking at a picture of someone's face in which the nose or mouth is dark or missing).
The surface quality was analyzed according to roughness and waviness standard parameters and to the depth of torn grain.
Flow rate, bell speed, and shaping air were found to have the most impact on surface waviness.
The waviness in the jetstream can have broad effects.
The new equation takes into account the stiffness of hairs, the effects of gravity and the presence of random curliness or waviness.
Four components of the surface texture can be distinguished in a machined surface profile, namely: form, waviness, roughness and microroughness (Figs.
length, which is due to some waviness between the layers of wood in the sill plate and the connection to the bottom of the SIPs wall panels.