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Synonyms for wavering

indecision in speech or action

the quality of being unsteady and subject to changes

uncertain in purpose or action

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"The woman pleases me," said the thin, wavering voice again after a few moments of silence.
Presently the thin wavering voice broke the stillness, repeating in a singsong drone the words which for countless ages had sealed the doom of numberless victims.
But no one stopped it, and he was glad, punching on wearily and endlessly with his one arm, battering away at a bloody something before him that was not a face but a horror, an oscillating, hideous, gibbering, nameless thing that persisted before his wavering vision and would not go away.
The dusk had come nigh hand completely, and as I opened out the cleft between the two peaks, I became aware of a wavering glow against the sky, where, as I judged, the man of the island was cooking his supper before a roaring fire.
Occasionally the air breathed through the crevices of the hut, and the low flame that fluttered about the embers of the fire threw their wavering light on the person of the sullen recluse.
But the bitterness of her old grievance promptly stiffened up her wavering determination.
And when he had finished and still stood alive and whole, their wavering impulse to break their oath and save the poor betrayed prisoner's life faded and vanished away, for plainly this miscreant had sold himself to Satan and it would be fatal to meddle with the property of such a power as that.
His manners, however, must have been unmarked, wavering, dubious, or she could not have been so misled.
However, I temporized with myself, of course - for, was I not wavering between right and wrong, when the thing is always done?
The red gleam o'er the mountains Goes wavering from sight, And the quiet moon enhances The loveliness of night.
"I saw it yesterday and it put me in mind of what I have long wanted to do," he said, and again he looked away over the head of the boy with the wavering, uncertain stare in his eyes.
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Wheedn attended a class taught by I-Hub Executive Director Tom Wavering. The class shed light on how to secure funding from the federal government's Small Business Innovation Research program.
Summary: New Delhi [India], Dec 16 (ANI): Amid wavering fuel prices, consumers urged that petrol and diesel be brought under the ambit of the Goods and Services Tax (GST), according to a survey.
Euro's wavering comes amid thin trading volumes in the markets Christmas, with most investors cashing out of the markets.