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Synonyms for waverer

one who hesitates (usually out of fear)

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They remember a day on the Somme in 1916 when there were "no waverers, no stragglers and not a man looked back," although 91 per cent of their regiment became casualties within half an hour.
A Monterey OEM Council will be formed in May to promote joint marketing activities, share information and roadmaps and recruit ISVs as well as tempt other Unix waverers.
I think those loyal to Mr Trimble have the upper hand and their message would appear to be that they have run out of patience with the waverers and others and will demand their pound of flesh.
Of course, many Palestinians opposed to the deal will be reticent to take up arms against the PLO, and when Arafat appears in person in Gaza (reportedly before the end of November) he will, no doubt, convince many waverers to support him.
A Prime Minister who favours bombing Syria to match RAF strikes set out his case in the House of Commons, convincing some waverers while others want clearer answers about his strategy, goals and exit plan.
A WEEK behind the wheel of the V40 should be enough to persuade waverers that Volvo are in the same league as premium German brands.
Because such is the hatred of mainstream British politicians that their every intervention pointing out the folly of voting for independence just seems to push a few more waverers into the "yes" camp.
By now David Cameron's blatant boarding of the Jesus bandwagon is seen as an attempt to woo Tory waverers T from the seductive allure of St Nigel.
Should Blues show ambition and willing not to break up the nucleus of their squad over the summer, then it might just sway any waverers to commit.
Summary: ATHENS, Jul 03, SPA -- Greece&'s Prime Minister has urged waverers in his Socialist party to back a sweeping pension bill in a parliametary vote expected on July 8, saying the indebted nation was "on the right path" in an austerity cure, according to Reuters.
The Tories, in a transparent bid to win over waverers, have warned that a hung Parliament would be a disastrous result for Britain.
It's clearly the second and third more than the first, because the recession has found out the environmental waverers, in that they might think green, but if it is hard economically to be green, then they will just carry on as they were.
What has caused many waverers to swing behind the idea of an early referendum is the series of delays that have occurred in getting the transfer of lawmaking powers from Westminster to Cardiff Bay under existing arrangements.
Labour need to get our core vote out and to get waverers to stay with us.
In order to maintain unity and momentum this majority of waverers -again maybe 30 to 40% of the crowd - need to be kept on board and at least nominally, passively behind the boss if the current regime is to have any future - and that can only be done by winning games and winning well.