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Synonyms for waverer

one who hesitates (usually out of fear)

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25, 2017, there were three types of reactions in the Middle East: those who opposed the idea altogether, the waverers who sought to defer the referendum to another date, and the so-called well-wishers who warned of the catastrophic consequences for the Kurds and the region as a whole.
The meeting would also have given the green light to Eurosceptic ministers like Iain Duncan Smith and Chris Grayling to go out and campaign for Britain to leave Europe, and put pressure on waverers like London mayor Boris Johnson and Justice Secretary Michael Gove to spell out where they stand.
Eurosceptic ministers like Iain Duncan Smith, Chris Grayling and Theresa Villiers are thought likely to announce their intention to campaign for Brexit, and all eyes will be on waverers like Home Secretary Theresa May and London Mayor Boris Johnson to make clear which side they will back.
The show had been so dull and meandering prior to last Wednesday's explosive episode that when Ant said, "trust me, you don't wanna miss it - it's a belter", I simply assumed he was trying to stop any waverers switching over to The Apprentice.
This together with data from previous elections plus their professional experience which may tell them that, when push comes to shove, most waverers opt for the status quo.
There is still time for Ed Miliband to convince waverers that he has both.
A week behind the wheel of this V40 might help make up the minds of some of the waverers, though.
But such groups are far more predatory than the dictators and they command brutal militias who are able to remove any lingering doubts by massacring and torturing any waverers.
Instead of encouraging waverers with irresistible prices, they've made the brain-dead decision to set the standard ticket at PS35.
They are warning waverers that a vote for the SPD or the Greens would indirectly benefit the Left Party, a group formed in 2007 by former communists from East Germany and disaffected Social Democrats.
Both were irresistible forces of nature invariably convinced they were right, both built powerful and lasting empires which brooked no dissent or waverers, both were capable of dishing out the hairdryer treatment to unfortunate underlings.
Biden s aggressive debating turn enthused Obama s Democratic supporters, but pundits expressed doubt that it would convert many waverers, and the younger and less experienced Ryan was seen as having held his own in the key test.
Extending the ban to paper bags risks causing the waverers to swing to the other side.
LONDON/ZUG, Switzerland, Jumada II 10, 1433, May 1, 2012, SPA -- Miner Xstrata sought to win over waverers to the merits of its $39 billion takeover by commodities trader Glencore, telling shareholders to back the "fair and reasonable" offer even as investors flexed their muscles by expressing opposition to its pay plan, Reuters reported.