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a small wave on the surface of a liquid

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The pre-processing step done in this filter is similar to LSSC- it groups similar patches within an image into 3D patch cubes and subsequently applies wavelet transform method over them.
where, * denotes the complex conjugate, [delta]t is the (sampling) time interval between two consecutive points in the time-series and s is the wavelet time scale which provides a measure of the width of [psi] in time.
Wavelet Transforms (WTs) is chosen to overcome the disadvantages of Short Time Fourier Transform (STFT) that provides constant resolution for all frequencies because it uses the same window for the analysis of the inspected signal x (t).
Wavelet transform is a simple and reliable tool for signal and image processing and has overcome the limitations of the Fourier transform.
Wavelet has its energy concentrated in time to give a tool for the analysis of transient, nonstationary, or time-varying phenomena.
The new development in wavelet research is the design and analysis of multiwavelets.
Key words: wavelet transform, transform, Haar, Daubechies
South Africa) introduce curves and surfaces, which together with points constitute the building blocks of computer graphics; and wavelet subdivision methods for designing and implementing simple but most efficient schemes for rendering curves and surfaces.
Bergstrom Prize in Econometrics for 2010 to David Baqaee, PhD student, Harvard University, for his paper 'Using wavelets to measure core inflation: The case of New Zealand'.
The PLC technology is Wavelet OFDM, which is used in products that adopt Panasonic's HD-PLC high-speed power line communication technology.
Many authors have applied wavelet procedures to estimate nonparametric and semi-parametric models ([5]-[7]).
Modem digitising equipment hugely increased computing power, and new mathematical developments such as wavelet analysis have enabled us to revisit the question.
In this work the discrete wavelet transform technique has been used for processing of ECG signal.
In this paper we have used wavelet transform to analyze ECG signals, provided in the form of RR interval data sets.
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