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a small wave on the surface of a liquid

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The ordinal number of DB wavelet series is equal to the number of its vanishing moments.
Then, the inherent quantitative index of the fault characteristics was extracted using wavelet transform.
We have selected the lifting scheme since it requires less computation and storages resources than the traditional discrete wavelet transform (DWT) [15].
Wavelet transformation is the difficulty of digital image processing field and also one of the hotspot of current research.
The discrete Wavelet transform is a fast, linear operation that operates on a data vector whose length is an integer power of two, transforming it into a numerically different vector of the same length (Abair & Alimbayev, 2014).
The wavelet analysis is a useful tool to interpret multiscale, non-stationary time-series data (27) and well suited for patterns of variability that change with time, such as transient cycles, allowing the identification of not only dominant periods but also their timing in the epidemiological data (28).
The topics include principles and practices of constructing wavelets, the genesis of wavelet transform types and applications, fractals and wavelets in applied geophysics with some examples, applying wavelet transforms to paleo-monsoon data from Speleothems, and Fourier and wavelet implementations in the phase-field modeling of the evolution of solid-solid and solid-liquid boundaries.
Over the past 20 years, the wavelet theory has become one of the emerging and fast-evolving mathematical and signal processing tools for its many distinct merits.
Performance of Wavelet Packet Division Multiplexing (2)
The recorded signals are analyzed using Fast Fourier Transform and Wavelet Analysis techniques in order to obtain the information in time domain and frequency domain respectively.
Wavelet Analysis on the Sphere: Spheroidal Wavelets
Moreover, the scatter plot between the phase difference index and magnitude of wavelet cross-spectrum for frequency range of 0.
So we need to store all the diagnostic images regard compression on biomedical images by using different type of wavelet function and suggested the most appropriate wavelet function that can be perform optimum compression for a given type of biomedical image [6].
Wavelet transform is a time-frequency analyses method, which has multiple resolutions, and can detailed analysis signals with high resolution in time domain or space domain.
Li presented a classification algorithm based on wavelet and higher-order cumulants [15], whose experiments show that Gaussian white noise can be suppressed effectively by the analysis of extracted characteristics parameters.
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