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Synonyms for wavelength

on the same wavelength


Words related to wavelength

the distance (measured in the direction of propagation) between two points in the same phase in consecutive cycles of a wave

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a shared orientation leading to mutual understanding

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In recent years, the bandwidth achieved per wavelength typically is 100 Gbps with the polarization-multiplexed quadrature phase shift keying modulation method(1).
th] = 5333 b is the absorption cross section for unpolarized neutrons at the canonical thermal wavelength [[lambda].
Second, each color energizes only tubes close in length to that color's wavelength.
Film critic, eye weekly Wavelength Calendar Leolo Dead Ringers Thirty-Two Short Films about Glenn Gould La Sarrasine The Heart of the World Neighbours Jesus de Montreal Atanarjuat
Which form(s) of electromagnetic radiation has a wavelength less than the size of water molecules?
is a provider of wavelength stabilization solutions for the optical networking industry.
5 [micro]m, an infrared wavelength suitable for driving TPV cells.
Currently in early customer engagements, Ciena's CN 4200 multi-degree ROADM is an in-service upgrade to the existing CN 4200 platform through use of a universal line card that routes any wavelength or combination of wavelengths to any port on demand.
A geosynchronous satellite that hovers over the Pacific still provides observations at 12 [micro]m, but the one that now watches over most of North America uses the new set of wavelengths, says Ellrod.
NIST, in collaboration with theorists at the Ecole Normale Superieure et Universite Pierre et Marie Curie (Paris) and Stockholm University, has developed a new, comprehensive x-ray wavelength reference table that has been accepted for publication in Reviews of Modern Physics (likely issue, January 2003).
These represent the first entries in a line of products that will be based on our unique Wavelength Stabilized Technology for precision pumping of fiber and solid-state lasers," said Ron Bechtold, vice president of sales and marketing for Alfalight.
Wavelength division multiplexing in optical fiber communication systems increases bandwidth by using many wavelength channels.
Typically, lasers emit light of one pure color, or wavelength.
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