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Synonyms for wavelength

on the same wavelength


Words related to wavelength

the distance (measured in the direction of propagation) between two points in the same phase in consecutive cycles of a wave

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a shared orientation leading to mutual understanding

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Traditional wavelength services entail unprotected connections between two locations.
spallation) neutron source the neutron wavelength in the cell is known by time-of-flight from the target relative to the pulse, so Eq.
Associate professor, University of Toronto Wavelength Calendar I've Heard the Mermaids Singing Fire Dead Ringers Bye Bye Blues Rat Life and Diet in North America Les Invasions barbares Jesus de Montreal The Grey Fox
5-[micro]m wavelength is also on target for photonics because that wavelength is widely used in today's fiber optics networks.
This diagram shows the wavelengths and frequencies of the entire electromagnetic spectrum.
This approach is popu lar with carriers that offer enterprise customers the ability to lease a managed wavelength from carriers like SBC, AT&T, and others.
Operation at eye-safe wavelengths is critical for broadly deployable lasers for directed energy defense applications," stated Dr.
The key element of Ciena's CN 4200 ROADM solution is a universal ROADM line card, which eliminates the need for color-specific components and spares while still delivering any wavelength to any port at any time in any combination.
In addition to print publication, the new x-ray wavelength table will soon be available on the NIST Physical Reference Data Web site at http://physics.
The result: a beam of high intensity at every wavelength from 6 to 8 micrometers, in the so-called midinfrared range.
These represent the first entries in a line of products that will be based on our unique Wavelength Stabilized Technology for precision pumping of fiber and solid-state lasers," said Ron Bechtold, vice president of sales and marketing for Alfalight.
Wavelength division multiplexing in optical fiber communication systems increases bandwidth by using many wavelength channels.
By more accurately accounting for the geometry of this Y-shaped telescope array, astronomers sharpened a previous radio map generated from observations made at a wavelength of 90 centimeters.
Companies Move to More Rapidly Address Customer Demand for Metro DWDM Products -- Lucent Metropolis Wavelength Services Manager (WSM) and Movaz RAYexpress
Staff at NIST recently completed measurements of the dependence of Raman gain in optical fiber on both the difference between the pump and signal wavelengths and the absolute pump wavelength.
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