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a hollow metal conductor that provides a path to guide microwaves

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Our new family of flexible waveguide components provides designers and engineers an in-stock source of flexible/twistable waveguide solutions for their applications up to 40 GHz," explains Mark Blackwood, Passive Components Product Manager at Pasternack.
The new waveguide mixers from Pasternack are in-stock and ready to ship now.
Curing of the wet silicone material to form clad films or core waveguide structures begins with application of ultraviolet (UV) light, followed by thermal setting of the material in an open air environment.
The Measurement of Refractive Index and Thickness of Planar Waveguide Using Couple Mode Theory Method - The Programming Highlight.
In the fabrication of optical waveguide devices, the structure of waveguides on central part of substrate was used for testing, whereas the edge part was cut for polishing the facet.
While in the area, make sure the waveguide coupling, NSN 5985-00-569-5849, and proximity switch, NSN 5930-01-056-2855, are properly aligned.
It relies on the measurement of pulses of light that exit an optical waveguide containing the QDs as the light reflects multiple times from the waveguide facets.
The Xerox MEMS waveguide shuttle acts like a miniature train track switch for the fine waveguides, avoiding the problems of earlier, mirror-based MEMS switches.
The MIR-800 Series sensors feature solid waveguide rods, while the MIR-900 Series feature fully encapsulated, flexible rods.
LNL's technologies reduce the size and bend radius of a photonic "wire" (waveguide) and send light from a fiber cable into a miniaturized waveguide with minimal power loss (coupling).
The leaks produce acoustic wavefronts which travel through the gases inside the boiler and hit the boiler wall or a sound-collecting steel plate attached to the waveguide.
The telecom industry recognizes that planar waveguide technology represents one of the more significant technologies of the next decade and can solve some issues such as labour cost, component density and optical loss.
In this case, cylindrical waves with planar phase front propagate inside the waveguide and are transformed to spherical waves in the conical horn with a spherical cap aperture.