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(physics) an imaginary surface joining all points in space that are reached at the same instant by a wave propagating through a medium

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The special issue presents new research on the use of wavefront analysis for assessing subtle, "higher-order aberrations" in vision.
We are extremely excited to announce our partnership with AXS TV which is committed to live entertainment and will bring WAVEFRONT, our signature Electronic Dance Music festival in Chicago, to millions of fans across the country," said David Lynd, Chief Visionary Officer of EnV Productions .
Under the terms of the agreement Wavefront may identify and engage prospects interested in a joint VeruTEK/Wavefront solution for enhanced oil recovery, well stimulation, and environmental applications.
The Wavefront Acceleration Program with NRC-IRAP allows SMEs to access an array of fundamental services including business advisory support from experienced wireless industry professionals, state of the art wireless product development and testing infrastructure, international market linkages, and wireless training programs and events.
This is a considerable opportunity for Wavefront as about one quarter of all oil is produced from offshore platforms in the Gulf of Mexico, Persian Gulf, North Sea, and West Africa," said Wavefront President and CEO Brett Davidson.
This Canadian producer has previous experience with Powerwave for well stimulations as well as an addition to Wavefront's pump offering in the heavy oil sector," said Wavefront President and CEO, Brett Davidson.
Technology and industry are both vital to today's society; unfortunately, sometimes they leave a little too much byproduct in the earth and our water sources," Brett Davidson, President and CEO for Wavefront, said.
Wavefront President and CEO Brett Davidson stated, "Fractured oil reservoirs represent a challenging environment for secondary oil recovery as it is very difficult to mobilize oil not contained within the fracture network.
WaveLight's philosophy is to provide physicians with the technology to achieve superior outcomes, whether they choose to perform Wavefront Optimized or wavefront-guided treatments.
Wavefront is also pleased to announce that the installation of four Powerwave systems with an Alberta-based energy trust first announced June 9, 2008 has now been completed.
Production of all iZon Lenses is based upon measurements taken by the Eye Care Practitioner of each patient's optical fingerprint, or iPrint(TM), with the Ophthonix Z-View(TM) Wavefront Aberrometer.
The Calgary-based junior oil and gas company was eager to start the Powerwave-driven waterflood and we responded accordingly" stated Wavefront President and CEO Brett Davidson.
The first is the Z-View(TM) Aberrometer, a device that uses a wavefront technology to map a patient's refractive errors.
Wavefront President and CEO Brett Davidson stated, "With very positive field results related to the technology, Powerwave continues to attract a growing user community who wish to extend field life and maximize oil recovery factor.
The prospective controlled multi-center study was initiated in September 2004 to evaluate the safety and effectiveness of wavefront-guided treatments (incorporating the ALLEGRO wavefront analyzer) and to compare results to wavefront-optimized (standard LASIK) with the ALLEGRETTO WAVE.