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the shape of a wave illustrated graphically by plotting the values of the period quantity against time

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In a moment of conspicuous ignorance, your correspondent was forced to admit that they did not actually know what a waveform was, nor why they were so integral to tactical communications.
Doppler waveform study was done by experienced radiologist in Radiology Department before and after administration of octreotide.
In [7, 8], Ciuonzo proposed a novel waveform design procedure based on multiobjective optimization.
There is significant correlation between hepatic venous waveform and severity of cirrhosis on histopathology.
Engineers can use the resulting waveforms with a wide variety of Agilent vector signal and arbitrary waveform generators, including the M9381A PXIe VSG.
The complex composite waveforms are easily created using the software's intuitive drag-and-drop interface - very similar to today's popular audio and video editing tools.
Keywords: AC Motor Drive PWM lookup table low-resolution estimated PWM waveform microcontroller based inverter.
Output waveforms consist of sine, square, pulse, ramp, parameter-variable, noise (Gaussian distribution), DC, and arbitrary.
Special display modes include: Logarithmic Display (useful when analyzing small signal detail or for examining audio signals); Persistent Display, where waveform traces are not erased - useful when data logging or catching glitches.
11-13 Continuing studies on hepatic vein led to focus on doppler hepatic vein waveform and then on comparison of doppler waveform of hepatic vein and HVPG14-18 This comparison showed that HVPG is closely related to doppler hepatic vein waveform which are labelled classically as 'triphasic', 'biphasic' and 'monophasic'.
The genesis of the program lies in the concept of exploiting advances in technology to separate the hardware of a wireless or satellite communications device from the software that shapes the radio signal over the air; allowing information to be transmitted and received between the devices (aka the waveform software).
Waveform displays are cleaner and crisper with 16 times more vertical resolution than traditional 8-bit instruments, according to the company.
Waveform generators are used to create and emulate high-speed voltage waveforms for the development and production of electronic devices.
Department of Defense Soldier Radio Waveform for wideband tactical communications.
Their topics are waveform design and matched filtering, new methods for optimum transmitter and receiver design, constant envelope transmit signals, optimum waveform design, discrete-time waveform design, and sparsity-based receivers.