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a succession of waves spaced at regular intervals

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When large numbers of waves are generated by the same phenomenon--a strong storm, say, or an ocean current--they travel in groups called wave trains.
The Wave Train vessel will be launched at Royal Quays, North Shields, on Sunday before being handed over to Talisman.
There is apparently some hope that the careful shaping of the underwater hull can suppress the bow wave, at least at particular critical speeds, by creating interfering wave trains.
An initially small hump in a nearly monochromatic wave train corresponding to finite values of [absolute value of [eta]] is thus amplified significantly as [absolute value of [eta]] [right arrow] 0.
With some waves measuring 20 feet, it's no wonder they call this the Great Wave Train," said Ellerbee.
The Wave Train has been tested with the Water Bridge since October and trials are almost complete.
Alnmaritec - the aluminium work boat specialist - developed the 60ft Wave Train 1600 vessel to ferry crews to offshore oil rigs.
A rapid called Rooster Tail is a wave train that pitches the rafts in a bucking bronco ride that will be part of future family memories.
There's a wave train of one giant standing wave after another.
x) The situation where any swell train opposes a large wind wave train and a strong, south setting current could see very dangerous wave conditions being set up.
Note also that more than one wave train can be present at any time.
He covers wave-current interactions, fluid kinematics for wave trains, solitary water waves, breaking waves, and modeling tsunamis.
1]; so the the time for detaching the entire radiation wave trains from the source is estimated [delta]t ~ 1/V = 8 x [10.
The resulting mix of currents produces water features called holes, wave trains and haystacks.
Excitable Media 1: Pulses, Fronts, Wave Trains in Continuous Media