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a succession of waves spaced at regular intervals

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Cai, 2014: Indo-Pacific-induced wave trains during austral autumn and their effect on Australian rainfall.
The tapered asymmetry channel is produced by choosing the peristaltic wave train on the non-uniform walls to have different amplitudes and phase but with same wave speed.
The Pulse Echo Wave train pattern is observed on the screen.
On top of the steady current field (second test), a sinusoidal wave train with a period of 1.
As a consequence of the different geological structures, the basement of the site of observations, as well as, at the shot points, affect the character of the wave trains and the measurable values of the investigated parameters.
The Wave Train vessel will be launched at Royal Quays, North Shields, on Sunday before being handed over to Talisman.
Since detailed investigation of these relationships was not of our interest, the number of prevailing frequencies of maxima of both wave groups represents only an integral manifestation as of the wave train changes in dependence of a distance, as the medium properties which are seismic waves propagating through.
For example, each of the sub-hulls generates its own wave train, and the wave trains interact in the space between hulls.
Beginning this month, Whitewater Voyages offers intrepid whitewater rafters the Wave Train, an adventurous ride on the Upper Klamath River that dovetails with an Amtrak rail trip to Klamath Falls, Oregon, via Oakland and Emeryville.
In the first one, an innovative piece of theory, we approach the problem with the analysis of the envelope of a wave train.
Dysthe [5] derived a modified, 4th order version of the NLS equation that accounts for finite spectral width and describes the evolution of the spatial distribution of the complex envelope of the narrow-banded wave train in time.
Not only do the rogue waves grow taller in crossing seas than they do within a single wave train, they're also more likely to form in the first place.
We're wearing wet suits, paddle jackets, personal flotation devices and bright yellow helmets, but there's nothing to prevent us from getting drenched when we plunge over a drop or ride a wave train.
Invented by engineering director Mike Watchorn, the Water Bridge is being tested in conjunction with Alnwick-based Alnmaritec's 60ft Wave Train 1600 vessel.
Either the entire wave train, including group a of P and S wave groups or only a group of S waves were recorded.