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(physics) the theory that light is transmitted as waves

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The chapter on waves has been moved so that it lies earlier in the book, reflecting the idea that linear wave theory is a fundamental technique that is widely applicable to a variety of problems in dynamic meteorology.
By using this method, we already established the "partial and temporary unified water gravity wave theory so far" and the corresponding "partial and temporary unified water gravity wave variational principle so far" in reference [6]; and established the "partial and temporary unified theory of fluid mechanics so far" and the corresponding "partial and temporary unified variational principle of fluid mechanics so far" in reference [7].
The widely developed understanding in contemporary wave theory is related to the separation of a multi-wave process into separate waves.
One of the examples is 'the wave theory of sound, which required development of the novel concept of a sound wave' (109).
To overcome these difficulties, the paper uses surface impendent theory to get eigen-equations of TE and TM modes and applies transmission and coupling wave theory to obtain the first order transmission line equations with mode coupling coefficients.
While our study does not preclude that other factors may help tsunamis overgrow, we now know when to invoke exotic explanations for unusual devastation: only when the basic classic wave theory we use does not predict focusing, or if the focusing is not high enough to explain observations," says Vasily Titov, a researcher at the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Association's Pacific Marine Environmental Laboratory, Seattle, Wash.
A finite-amplitude wave theory was developed by Stokes (1847) (2) for deep water waves using the perturbation method, which is a technique to derive power series solutions for nonlinear equations.
The dominant theory of light in the nineteenth century, wave theory could not account for all phenomena, such as black-body radiation and the photoelectric effect.
SCIENCE FUN James Parker of Kenton School demonstrates wave theory with a Slinky at Big Bang North East
Now TA-1 is able to analyze waves and predicts the next extreme (high or low price) similar to Elliott Wave theory of recurrent stock market price structures.
My Fifth Wave theory finds the ultimate goal of each of the movements to be nothing less than the creation of a new and perfected people, making all who do not belong to the respective group and the reconstituted "tribal Golden Age" subject to the intent of extermination.
One of the most predictive and popular theories to calculate the efficiency of the orders that propagate inside a diffraction grating [32,33] is the Kogelnik's Coupled Wave Theory [1,34,35].
Arthur Artem Saakian draws from his years of experience and expertise as an antenna engineer in the Antennas and Radar Systems Division of the Naval Air Systems Command in Patuxent River, Maryland, to provide a comprehensive instructional study and reference work on the classification of radio waves, as well as electromagnetic wave theory, antennas for RF radio links, atmospheric affects in radio wave propagation.