wave shape

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the shape of a wave illustrated graphically by plotting the values of the period quantity against time

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Normalized wave shapes for investment and revenue can be determined from the numbers plotted in Figure 1 by dividing by the respective lifetime totals.
This differs from the situation on a plane beach where the runup oscillations are determined by the integral transformation of the incident wave shape (Synolakis, 1987).
The Diamond laser also generates "square-wave," pulsed frequencies up to 10 kHz; the pulse wave shape reportedly reduces wasted power during welding and matches the output of larger machines.
In order to achieve the best cooling performance, Belkin redesigned the Cooling Pad to include a patent-pending AirFlow Wing, repositioned fan, and wave shape.
The series has a peak pulse power per line rating of 400 watts for a 10/1000 micro seconds wave shape and 3,900 watts peak pulse power per line for a typical 8/20 micro seconds wave shape.
The big wave shape is enabled with thermo-formable UPM Grada.
The associated almost explosive (occurring within the time scale comparable to a few or a few dozens of wave periods) energy exchange, transformation of the wave shape or the pattern of wave crests is typical of nonlinear processes on the water surface.
Measurement of the deformation of an object is based on detection of a laser's front wave shape changes.
Power factor, he explains, is the ratio of real watts to apparent power (kva), and good power factor occurs when current and voltage peak at the same time and have the same wave shape.
The ability of ETSerdes to diagnostically measure wave shape, jitter, and jitter tolerance parameters, each in millisecond test times, can drastically reduce test costs and improve quality.
IR's 400V FREDs are made with an exclusive process to ensure that the reverse recovery wave shape is stable and more "gentle" and "spikeless" over a wide temperature range, thus reducing unwanted electrical noise.
WaveAlert relies on the processing power of digital phosphor oscilloscope architecture to automatically detect and alert the user to deviations from the "normal" wave shape on the screen.
Parameters such as pulse width have to be measured with great accuracy, and the wave shape of the pulse has to be examined to ensure there are no spurious effects, such as ringing.