wave shape

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the shape of a wave illustrated graphically by plotting the values of the period quantity against time

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For fast front surges of an 8/20 [micro]s wave shape, both models display similar accuracy degrees although, for these wave shapes, the simplified model has the highest percent error always for the 20 kA amplitude.
Now we can see the triangular wave shape of our SSC modulating waveform and measure the frequency and amplitude of the SSC (Figure 1).
Designed in a wave shape, the piece of furniture is ready to be shipped up north on the say so of parliament officials.
IR's devices also show a softer recovery wave shape.
The Touch features a rounded tip for direct stimulation and a unique pleasure wave shape underneath that surrounds and gently caresses sensitive zones.
Previous time-reversal mirror prototypes required complicated optical tricks such as firing multiple lasers to reconstruct the desired wave shape.
The series has a peak pulse power per line rating of 400W for a 10/1000ps wave shape and 3,900W peak pulse power per line for a typical 8/20[micro]s wave shape.
Tenders are invited for supply of abrasive coated non-woven type scotch brite scrub pads of ~3m india (ltd)~ make in wave shape and size of 10cm x 14cm.
It is shown that the water displacement at the wall is defined by the time derivative of an incident wave shape.
In this scenario, the oscilloscope allows the engineer to observe the exact wave shape of an electrical signal.
Other important factors are the dielectric quality of the material being tested, the type of defect that is being tested and the operating parameters of the testing equipment for characterization, such as the frequency, the amplitude, the wave shape and the voltage.
Marissa Hood was riding the small waves at Surfers Point, combining fun with a school science project to study how the contours of the ocean floor affect wave shape and size.