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Last year a crowd of around 10,000 gathered in the centre of Paisley with the magnificent backdrop of the abbey to wave off the crews in a party atmosphere with lights, music, street food and fireworks and organisers are confident of making the start even bigger and better this year.
iconic Lindsay, left, will wave off Flying Scotsman, above
Nobody wants to be told to wave off when the landing environment is in sight, especially when you're in position to make a beautiful touchdown that you know would make the saltiest of pilots envious.
FIVE people were saved when their speedboat was swamped after hitting a big wave off the Welsh coast yesterday.
Muhammad Yaseen 3G is need of the hour and PTA had requested to the government to wave off PPRA rule for quick transaction of the 3G licensing.
Picture shirt helps rescue workers LAST year, American Garrett McNamara set a world record when he surfed a 90ft wave off the coast of Praia do Norte in Portugal.