wave number

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the reciprocal of the wavelength of a wave

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By applying inverse Fourier Transform in wave number domain, the frequency response could be represented in space-frequency domain:
It has been found that, with the increase in wave number, the phase velocity decreases rapidly in each of these figures under the considered values of various parameters.
2 variation of natural frequencies (Hz) of an isotropic empty cylindrical shell have been compared before and after submerged against circumferential wave number n for simply supported-simply supported end condition on elastic foundations and geometrical and material parameters as given in the caption of this figure.
Figure 2 gives the dispersion curve of Love-type wave against dimensionless wave number in a piezoelectric structure in the case of electrically open circuit.
It is therefore useful to analyze the frequency and the vertical wave number spectra of wind velocity and temperature fluctuations.
FT-IR spectra were collected in 30 s and in the wave number region of 400-4000 cm (-1) .
For the continuously stratified liquid of the final depth both for its superficial wave and for its internal waves is typical the monotonous increase in frequency+ of a single mode at the growth of the wave number k, the monotonous reduction of the phase speeds c f = + / n with the growth of k and at the increase of the mode number, and also excess of the phasespeeds over the group speeds = d+ / dn .
Likewise, NH of amide-II at finger print region in raw biomass (1547 cm-1) likely supported in electrostatic bindings with negatively charged chromate ions as evidenced by band shifting to low wave number (1516 cm-1) in metal treated biomass.
Discrete dispersion relation for hp-version finite element approximation at high wave number," SIAM J.
Here we can use the definition of the transverse wave number [[gamma].
And according to relation (4) and the rules mentioned in [14-17] for choosing the correct sign of wave number, we will have:
The infrared spectra of the prepared compound were recorded using FT-IR (8300) Fourier Transform Infrared spectrophotometer of SHIMADZU Company as potassium bromide (KBr) discs in wave number range of 4000-400 [cm.
Based on figure 2 can be seen the identification of bentonite which is the absorption peak at wave number 470.
4 and table 2) in according with wave number numerous compounds are found and their energy value are determined accordingly.