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a hollow metal conductor that provides a path to guide microwaves

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At the resonant wavelength [lambda] = 1565 nm, the electric field of the wave guide is fully coupled in the cavity and reaches the output port, whereas at the OFF-resonant wavelength [lambda] = 1500 nm, the signal is decoupled at the output port.
There is also a special air collector that takes the air sample and concentrates it into a solution that also goes into the wave guide.
m is the order of the modes, and assumes integral values from 0 to the number of modes the wave guide can support.
The speakers also include a soft dome diaphragm midrange driver utilizing a wave guide enclosure.
The components include arrayed wave guides that process up to 40 separate wavelengths of light, a new generation of compact optical amplifiers, a new class of laser pumps and a 10Gb/s (OC-192) optical interface that integrates a laser, laser driver, alarms and a multiplexer in a single unit.
A typical IO interferometer consists of a high index thin film optical wave guide deposited on a low index substrate.
Clearfield's Wavelength Division Multiplexing (WDM) devices utilize advanced thin-film filter and array wave guide grating (AWG) technologies to address the mux and demux needs of such diverse application environments as node segmentation, cell backhaul deployment and the delivery of business class services," comments Johnny Hill, COO of Clearfield.
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The basalt enhanced cones are matched with a soft dome midrange placed in a wave guide, resulting in an open and smooth sound output that delivers an incredible sound quality experience like being at a live music performance.
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The TOx layer forms the base under-cladding for the wave guide manufacturer's advanced nano device chip fabrication.
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