wave front

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all the points just reached by a wave as it propagates

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(physics) an imaginary surface joining all points in space that are reached at the same instant by a wave propagating through a medium

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While the majority of concussions suffered by our servicemen are the result of explosive wave fronts or high-velocity, low-mass fragments and/or projectiles, those suffered on the grid-iron are due to low-velocity, high-mass encounters with opposing players.
The wave fronts recorded, arriving from an object, in plane [U.
At the same time, due to the longer width of the lagging wave, the distance between shock wave fronts is larger than in the previous case (Fig.
Thus equation (16) gives only one wave front of torsional surface wave.
The wave front decreased for the improved variant, which enabled shorter computing time.
which tells in which direction (with respect to N) the wave front moves to guarantee an increase in entropy, while one has to specify in terms of which energy fS is defined.
While traveling throughout Asia, I took advantage of the low cost of lasik wave front eye correction surgery in September 2004.
Wherever that changing voltage wave front is, the return current is flowing between the signal and return path conductors.
45) may contain singularities, and they can be divided into three categories that respectively correspond to three different types of wave front arrivals: 1) The body waves relevant to the regular reflected rays which are determined from the singularities of [partial][phi]/[partial]y = 0,2) The interface waves, including Rayleigh surface waves, Stoneley interface waves, and the other possible leaky waves, which are determined from the singularities of [[DELTA].
This is due to the transmission of a 360[degrees] circular wave front traveling axially along the pipe.
Two hundred years ago Christian Huygens, a Dutch mathematician, found that if a surface containing many separate wave sources was examined at a distance, the combined wavelets appeared as a single wave front having the shape of the surface.
The solidification software allowed the operator to pull the results and plot graphically onto the casting outline representations of the solidification wave front at the given times.