wave front

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all the points just reached by a wave as it propagates

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(physics) an imaginary surface joining all points in space that are reached at the same instant by a wave propagating through a medium

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In order to be capable of setting up a model for the progress of m(f) it is important to determine the frequency range where the wave field transforms from having plane to curved wave fronts.
Implementation of the above in the real time by finding the actuator voltage and providing them to the voice coil actuator to compensate the Wave front aberration errors.
By numerical simulation of the strain wave propagation, whose initial form is given by the smooth and continuous boundary value (13), the distances at which the shock pulse is formed were specified and the values of discontinuity across the wave front at these points were determined.
This flow structure explains the humped surface topology visualized upstream of the wave front using the surface reconstruction setup.
This aberrometer uses an optical system that images the wave front located at the eye's entrance pupil into an array of microscopic lenslets that divide the beam of light exiting the eye into many smaller beams that are focused as tiny spots on a video sensor.
To reduce the wave front angle of the FSSW at high Froude number, the entrance (apex) angle of the ship's bow should be made small: a decreasing angle leads to a decrease in the angle of the shock front, and consequently a reduction in the wave resistance.
PT](x) is the time of flight of the pressure signal for the ideal plane wave front at the optimum incidence angle [[alpha].
A modification of the geometrical optics method, based on an expansion of the solution in model functions, allows one to describe the wave field structure both far from and at the vicinity of the wave front.
This not only weakens the filter response, but introduces aberrations in the wave front that are difficult to correct.
Wave front set of solutions to sums of squares of vector fields.
The abscissa represents the spatial position of the wave front at any instant of time while the ordinate represents the temporal location of the wave front.
Satellites captured not just one wave front that day, but at least two, which merged to form a single double-high wave far out at sea--one capable of traveling long distances without losing its power.
The researchers conjectured ridges and undersea mountain chains on the ocean floor deflected parts of the initial tsunami wave away from each other to form independent jets shooting off in different directions, each with its own wave front.
In this case the formation of the steep wave front occurs almost immediately and results in more pronounced nonlinear effects for wave troughs, rather than for wave crests [25].