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the shape of a wave illustrated graphically by plotting the values of the period quantity against time

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Improper cabling allowing EM radiation from external sources could explain sinusoidal wave forms. This possibility was soundly rejected by Prof.
The given wave forms are the input and output wave form for the 10T full adder.
Modified sine wave UPS output is shown in figure 4, which shows that the distortion in the wave form. Figure 5 shows the sag in the positive and negative half of the wave form peak which is due to third harmonic in the output of the sine wave UPS.
Someya, Wave form Transmission, Shyukyo Ltd., Tokyo, 1949.
But from modern computing to the ability to use software to bridge wave form cultural differences--you name it--there is great promise.
For example the application of Doppler Tissue Imaging (DTI) of the mitral annulus is overtaking the use of Pulmonary Venous Wave Form (PVWF) analysis in the analysis of diastolic dysfunction and assessment of left atrial pressures.
Offering readers an informative perspective on such issues as the "Perfect Circle of Sound" and how the Creator is using it to promote healing for the self in loving service; proof of a "Love frequency" and how to use it; evidence that DNA microscopically mirrors the double helix wave form of the cosmos; the "Miracle frequency" for manifesting matter, and so much more, Walk On Water knowledgeably compiles a complete and thorough explanation of the many phenomenal intricacies of life, and also addresses the profoundly simple meaning of life for optimal and active living.
Angel Asenjo's Exhibition and Congress Centre in Malaga boasts over 62 045sqm of exclusive space for exhibitions, conferences, and restaurants, and features a vast wave form canopy on the main sea front facade, that provides shelter and shading.
The platform works off orthogonal frequency division multiplex wave form technology, and is fully compatible with CDMA-2000 and W-CDMA networks.
What's important about those robots being matched with this system is the fact that they are equipped with a 64-bit RISC controller, so that the robot controller not only controls the movements of the robot itself, but also the wire feed system and the wave form programs (as distinct from conventional arc welding systems, wherein there tends to be separation between these functions).
Each part in a machine gives off a signal that's represented as a wave form. By comparing how that wave form appears when the part is healthy and when it is about to fail, it is possible to assess a machine's life expectancy.
On stroboscopic examination, the left vocal fold exhibited a severely decreased amplitude and wave form.
The integrated circuitry system produces a unique and complex modulating frequency wave form that hits the resonant frequency of the calcium carbonate molecules causing them to lose their adhesive properties.
The PC permits the operator to view on the monitor the microwave wave form and the timing of all phased events such as ignition, fuel line pressure pulses and engine control event pulses.
Awareness is seen as the interior perception of the wave form of the substance of which the body is composed.