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the shape of a wave illustrated graphically by plotting the values of the period quantity against time

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Proposition 6 (formed from combining propositions 4 and 5): A sleep stage is active if and only if the characteristic dominant periodic wave form is being generated.
Every sensory window is responsive to energy in wave form.
Corrective wave represents a wave form that moves counter to the direction of the main trend of the market.
The PC remotely monitors voltage, amperage, wave form, pulse, pressure, and temperature of electrolyte, feedrates, and rifling twist rates.
By measuring subtle distortions of the T rays, including absorption, dispersion, and reflection, scientists can decode the wave form "signatures" characteristic of specific elements.
A microphone picks up the individual's speech that is in analog or wave form, and the speech waves are broken down into patterns of binary digits by a digital signal processor to represent the vocal sounds of human speech.
Newly added features available when rekordbox is used with the CDJ-2000nexus include music file analysis functions such as Wave Form Zoom (wave form expansion) and Key, as well as additional settings such as Active Loop and Hot Cue Auto Load.
Auditory scene analysis is the process by which a hearer mentally separates the single wave form received by the ear into the various sounds that compounded to form it--for example into a person talking, a bird singing, and traffic; or into a violin, a trumpet, and a drum.
Working with services engineer Max Fordham & Partners, the concrete upper floors are of sinusoidal wave form sections to maximize the surface area of the ceiling, allowing the thermal mass of the concrete to temper the environment.
By cold-working the probe area, the high points on the wave form, as displayed on an oscilloscope, are rolled downward to the level of the lower points on the wave form.
Baksa explains: "A faith wave is a specific wave form that is created by our thoughts.
I realised that I could place a straight line on an invisible wave and make the wave form control the movement of the straight line.
While a circuit's speed is often expressed as the frequency of the wave form, the critical concern is the speed at which the voltage and/or current is required to change.
New features provide unique FST wave form dumping and toggle coverage
Tenders are invited for Arbitrary Wave Form Generator