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make high-pitched, whiney noises

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Waul was over the legal limit for a cocaine by-product.
I waul attendees to look back al lite event and be thankful lot their free glass of wine, but also for the je en sais quoi.
Fievel Mousekewitz heads West in the company of sneaky Cat R Waul. With Dom DeLuise 1991 **
Joel Waul, from Florida, took more than four years until November 2008 and used more than 700,000 rubber bands to create his whopping ball, which weighed in at 9,032lbs - 4.03 tons - and was 6ft 7ins across.
Waul, Civil Protection Orders: An Opportunity for Intervention with Domestic Violence Victims, 6 GEO.
From One Generation to the Next: How Criminal Sanctions are Reshaping Family Life in Urban America (From Prisoners Once Removed: The Impact of Incarceration and Reentry on Children, Families, and Communities, P 157-188, 2003, Jeremy Travis and Michelle Waul, eds.
Rose D R, Clear T R, 2003, "Incarceration, re-entry and social capital: social networks in the balance", in Prisoners Once Removed: The Impact of Incarceration and Reentry on Children, Families and Communities Eds J Travis, M Waul (Urban Institute, Washington DC) pp 313-342
Improving the fate of those re-entering the community is important, as prisoner reentry is often associated with adverse social outcomes that include poor health and well-being outcomes (Visher & Travis, 2003), work and substance abuse challenges (Travis, Solomon, & Waul, 2001), and even a greater chance of death for the formerly incarcerated (Binswanger, 2007).
Moreover, vocational training programs tend to be moderately effective, particularly when matching inmates' needs and skills with program type (Means, Lawrence, Solomon, & Waul, 2002).
See SUSAN HERMAN & MICHELLE WAUL, REPAIRING THE HARM: A NEW VISION FOR CRIME VICTIM COMPENSATION IN AMERICA, 13-14 (The National Center for Victims of Crime ed., 2004), available at http://www.ncvc.org/ncvc/AGP.Net/Compnents/documentViewer/ Download.aspxnz?DocumentID=38573.
Alison Clarke-Stewart, The Effects of Parental Incarceration on Children in PRISONERS ONCE REMOVED 217-18 (Jeremy Travis & Michelle Waul eds., 2003); see LaPoint et al., supra note 112, at 241, 249.
In Western Bahar El Ghazal State, the head of the referendum state committee, Waul Shang Madut, on Tuesday revealed to SUNA that the number of people who cast their ballots in Raja locality, which borders South Darfur State, had reached 12, 782 out of 21.113 voters registered in the area.
The intergenerational impact of women's experience with substance use, incarceration, and the psychosocial consequences is dire (Dellaire, 2007; Huebner & Gustafson, 2007; Mumola, 2000; Poehlmann, 2005; Travis & Waul, 2003).
Recidivism rates are lower for released inmates who are employed after their release (Adams et al, 1994; Solomon, Visher, LaVigne, & Osborne, 2006; Winterfield, Coggeshall, Burke-Storer, Correa, & Tidd, 2009); however, formerly incarcerated people often lack the resources to gain employment that pays a living wage (Travis, Solomon, & Waul, 2001).