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Synonyms for wattle

a fleshy wrinkled and often brightly colored fold of skin hanging from the neck or throat of certain birds (chickens and turkeys) or lizards


Related Words

framework consisting of stakes interwoven with branches to form a fence

Related Words

build of or with wattle

interlace to form wattle

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But it was the heat from this blaze that fired the clay of the wattle and daub, preserving it for Shelly to re-discover.
Wattle trees also produce many flowers from where bees can get nectar thus are good for apiculture.
The surface temperatures of skin, comb, wattle, back, wing, feet, head, and cloaca were measured with an infrared digital thermometer (AdegC) with no contact with the skin, at a distance of approximately 15 cm from the birds' body.
He depicted a countryside strung with wattle fences.
After that, in groups we learned how to construct a tiled roof and how to wattle and daub.
The Alexander Valley winery and San Francisco tasting room of Wattle Creek Estate Winery are now part of the Boisset Collection of wineries.
buildings were made of wood, straw and mud - wattle and daub - while Until Tudor times, most buildings were made of wood, straw and mud - wattle and daub - while stone was reserved for grand houses and public buildings.
Age and sex also can influence asymmetries for toe, leg, wing, and feather length, as well as wattle area of chickens (Campo et al., 2005; 2012).
The fleshy growth on a turkey's neck is called a wattle.
Which country has the golden wattle as its national flower?
Kate, 32, is expected to wear gems that have links to the two countries, including the cherished Aussie wattle brooch the monarch wore in 2011.
In its major fire updates, the NSW Rural Fire Service (RFS) said the bushfire is burning at Wattle Flat, 37 km north of Bathurst.