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the product of voltage and current

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"The hair-dryer game has always been a wattage race," noted Wayne Dickson, vice president of marketing at Helen of Troy.
"ecoNoon's lighting module is used in all of its finished products to power bulbs of all shapes and wattages up to 1,000 watts and higher.
The "rated power" output of any generator, from small portable to fixed whole-house, is the amount of wattage is can produce continually.
One year ago, my local Home Depot had a choice of only one wattage and color temperature, and in fact had only three GU-24 bulbs in stock.
The dimensions of the Igloo SS Series are 24cm wide, 7.8cm high, and either 14cm, 21cm or 28cm long depending on wattage.
The data revealed that when exposed to radiation in continuous mode, the critical temperature of 47[degrees]C was exceeded at all wattages above 0.5.
I can recall an interview with Elise Cortina and Bob Garfield of AFFI in the fall when they discussed such an undertaking, because they had noted that AFFI's microwave initiative would include information on how consumers could check the wattage of their microwave ovens to help ensure the items heated in them would reach the correct temperatures.
Yes, we can use the modern bulb to cut costs in most areas of a house but when reading, writing etc then low wattages are ruinous.
This determines the size (wattage) of the generator you'll need.
* Custom wattages and access management available upon request.
Cartridge heaters stocked in a wide variety of sizes, volts and wattages.
A choice of wattages, electronic ballasts including dimming and emergency, reflectors and glass options make the Solara Slim suitable for a wide range of applications.
* Self-ballasted mercury lamps can be used with a ballast in incandescent fixtures and are available for 120V systems in the lower wattages (up to 250 watts) and for 240V systems in both lower and higher wattages.
According to company officials, Aspect is available with a wide range of lamp types and wattages to produce more light, as well as provide energy savings of 80 percent compared to incandescent alternatives.
Standard systems are preconfigured in various wattages, and they can operate as standalone communications systems or as a voice evacuation system when coupled with a fire alarm control panel.