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Fecal consistency score used Score Description 1 Watery feces 2 Smooth feces, with a fairly high moisture content 3 Feces is a bit granular in texture, with a fair moisture content 4 Firm feces with traces of fiber consumed 5 Completely firm and coarse feces Table 3.
Affected birds may show the following signs: respiratory distress such as gaping beak, coughing, sneezing, gurgling and rattling; tremors and paralysis and twisting of the neck; unusually watery feces that are yellowish-green in color; depression; and lack of appetite.
When this problem affects the small intestine, diarrhea is typically manifested by the passage of copious and watery feces. Large-intestine diarrhea is often marked by urgency and the strained passage of small volumes of loose stools containing excessive mucus.
Many serious feline conditions--some of them even life-threatening--commonly display themselves in the excessive passage of watery feces (diarrhea); the painful retention of dry, hardened feces (constipation); the frequent voiding of abnormally large amounts of urine (polyuria); or difficult, perhaps even impossible, urination (dysuria).
Inoculated participants remained in the Center for a minimum of 96 hours and at discharge had experienced no watery feces or vomiting for at least 18 hours.