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Synonyms for epiphora

repetition of the ends of two or more successive sentences, verses, etc


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He has had some years to wait for it, but I flatter myself that these belated pages will occasion more interest than offense if they ever do meet those watery eyes.
Charles looked on wistfully, wiped his watery eyes, but did not get up because of his stiffness.
A tall individual, with legs much too thin for a rotund stomach, and with watery eyes, strolled up and remarked, "Just left her -- eh?
"Yes, certainly--poor fellow!" said the old gentleman, taking the pin, with watery eyes, and a melancholy quiver in his voice.
Nioche was speechless a moment, with amazement and gratitude, and then he seized Newman's hand, pressed it between his own ten fingers, and gazed at him with watery eyes. "As pretty as that?
The old woman crossed the room and stopped before her, raising her weak and watery eyes to the fresh young face of the newcomer.
A man who thought his watery eye was a blocked tear duct for six months actually had an "alien" growing in his face.
I HAD an unusual call this week from the local bird of prey centre which had a bateleur eagle with a watery eye.
New research from Specsavers has unveiled that 78 per cent of respondents didn't know treatment for minor eye conditions such as watery eye, dry eye and sticky eye is delivered by Specsavers stores and funded by the NHS.
With a desperate need to respond to that call of nature, which first made its presence felt two cold cups of tea ago, cue the arrival of the patient with classic symptoms of watery eye. These cases can, of course, be time consuming to resolve but one should not forget that this seemingly trivial complaint can be the cause of weeks, months or even years of misery for the patient.
Jamie Mirrlees was plagued by a watery eye which doctors initially put down to a blockage.
Typically the symptoms of watery eye are excessive tearing, which is made worse by being outdoors.
The watery eye persisted, he saw his optometrist and his GP, who both told him not to worry and that watery eye is very common.
AS the nights darken, the moon becomes a watery eye, A multitude of twinkling stars, blink in a dark blue sky.