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(of rocks especially) worn smooth by the action of water

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"On the one hand, I find the interpretation that these are waterworn [features] very compelling.
The hut is open toward the east; within the memorial temples, against back walls, are shallow earthen altars where waterworn memorial stones and occasionally sculptured stones are placed.
Its red, waterworn stones were passed from hand to hand over a distance of 14 miles.
Instead, we followed Soldier's Pass Trail through the sunset shadows of Coffee Pot Rock to the Seven Sacred Pools, an American Indian watering hole comprising seven waterworn hollows gracefully descending to an oasis beside the dusty trail.
seeds were inoculated and sown in a soil field, mixed with waterworn sand and peat (1/3, v/v each of them), in pots containing 7 kg of the mentioned (mixed) soil.
1 m high and is constructed from a single course of worked rounded stones followed by stacked courses of waterworn cobbles.
Hubert especially liked native metals; his collection contains two platinum nuggets from Russia, as well as 70 native gold specimens, including an amazing ribbon gold from Garden Valley, California; a large leaf gold from Jamestown, Tuolumne County, California; several fine Eagle's Nest mine golds; and two large and spectacular, somewhat waterworn gold crystals from Icabaru, Bolivar, Venezuela.
Some three thousand years ago, the inhabitants of Caral concealed the buildings beneath layers of gravel and waterworn pebbles and abandoned the valley.
god-given stone (lit.), waterworn pebbles placed inside memorial dolmens by the Alu-Kurumbas.
The greenhouse experiment was set as follows: tomato seeds (Lycopersicon esculentum F1 Hybrid, Delba) were inoculated and sown in a soil field, mixed with waterworn sand and peat (1/3, v/v each of them), and after 25 days, seedlings were transplanted separately into pots containing 7 kg of the mentioned (mixed) soil.
Another fine example is a large (7.9-cm) waterworn nugget containing white quartz.
These are alluvial (moderately waterworn) distorted octahedrons and little clusters of same, quite lustrous, with a medium yellow-gold color.
During one of our trips to the Hale Creek mine area in the early 1970's, several small, waterworn chert specimens containing small, bruised, dark-red, elongated crystals were found among the rocks of Hale Creek.
Quartz is reported as occurring as waterworn pebbles in the near surface ores (Snow, 1893).