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Synonyms for watertight

Synonyms for watertight

not allowing water to pass in or out

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without flaws or loopholes

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Said Laura: "I am delighted to join the Watertight Marketing Network as an accredited consultant and to bring this to Huddersfield.
In the case of the Cardiff Bay Barrage, which is part of the plan to make the estuary watertight, the House of Lords Committee, in 1989, decreed that the Cardiff Bay Development Corporation must insure Cardiff against damage to property caused by raised groundwater levels - an area seven times greater than the five square miles to be given up to water storage.
Also vital to the new spec were pending federal regulations that may require watertight joints in all storm sewers.
The container can be opened and closed without tools and remains watertight even after reclosure.
The patented rods provide a totally airtight, watertight and odour-tight seal, and can also be used to seal other bags, such as rice and pasta, once opened.
The watertight 7/16 connectors are designed for use in mobile radio network antennas and have appropriate mechanical and electrical properties.
White Lightning 100% RTV silicone rubber sealant provides a watertight seal, with a highly flexible formula that will not crack, crumble or shrink.
The Splash floats, thanks to a lightweight and watertight body.
A flanged mount, custom shaft design and tightly sealed interfaces make this motor dependably watertight.
In fact, with a rubber band closing--not to mention rips and tears--the bag's not guaranteed to be watertight, so-o-o-o .
Those changes included adding a double hull, 48 lifeboats - enough for the expected 2,572 passengers and 950 crew - and extending watertight doors up to B deck.
The watertight connector systems are available for single or multimode fiber and can be supplied with either straight-UPC or angled-APC ferrules.
This chuck features watertight, stainless steel construction and the use of rare earth magnets for excellent holding power.
Manfred Milinski of the Max-Planck Institute of Limnology in Plon, Germany, cautions that the ease for calling these behaviors image scoring is "not a watertight proof" because Bshary merely observed the behaviors and hasn't performed experiments that directly test for image scoring.