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a line marking the level reached by a body of water

a distinguishing mark impressed on paper during manufacture

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Even though the last developments of client-side embedding watermarking protocols make them secure, efficient and scalable without resorting to TTPs, they force buyers to perform complex security actions, such as the decryption of slightly different versions of the received content, thus generating copies protected by different watermarks. In fact, such a peculiarity makes them unsuited to web context [23].
Chen, "A new buyer-seller watermarking protocol without multiple watermarks insertion," Multimedia Tools and Applications, Vol.
is based on integrating two watermarks, both in the spatial domain.
Friedman also used a hardware design that is equipped in the digital camera to authenticate the digital image with watermarks taken from a stored file inside the chip.
For example, watermarking methods can be categorized into spatial-domain [5] and frequency-domain methods based on the embedding space of the watermark [6-10].
Second, in accordance with the value of the watermark bits, we embed the watermark into the real parts of the complex wavelet coefficients based on a multiplicative mechanism by using a watermark strength factor.
To achieve the required functionalities in the target application special care has to be taken so that the embedded watermark can resist attacks and manipulations [4].
In the second phase, mathematical deductions to prove the dominance of these areas are developed and, finally, the hospitability of the candidate areas for embedding the watermark is investigated by exposing the host images on 9 types of geometric and signal processing attacks.
Robustness of a watermark against salt and pepper noise having variances 0.02, 0.03, 0.05, and 0.2, respectively, are considered in this experiment, and objective measures for these variances are shown in Figure 7 with their extracted watermarks.
In digital watermarking, the watermark information could be fragile, semifragile, robust, or hybrid.
In this paper, a watermarking algorithm is proposed for the security of multiple watermarks using stationary wavelet transformation (SWT), signature value decomposition (SVD) and compressive sensing (CS) theory.
Using a watermark is a common practice to make sure an image created or clicked by someone is not used without the prior permission of the creator.
A watermark is a faint design made in some paper during manufacture that is visible when held against the light and typically identifies the maker
For data hiding in plain domain, including both spatial domain and transform domain, the original image is watermarked first and then encrypted.