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a health resort near a spring or at the seaside

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The original White Rock mineral springs in Waukesha, WI, were purportedly a popular watering place for local Indian tribes.
I grabbed an old saucepan from a feed can and raced back out by the bathtub that served as their watering place.
The facilities in Miki, Hyogo Prefecture, opened in March 2006 with a watering place for dogs, toilets and waste disposal.
A pond which was once the last watering place for livestock being driven to market in Newcastle has been restored.
In Crawfordsburn, the Old Inn has been a favourite since 1614 and was the main watering place on an ancient track from Holywood to Bangor Abbey.
The community,(9) which owns the source, decided to find funds to rebuild its watering place, and after a competition chose Zumthor as architect.
We descended to it and stopped close to the watering place, which is a very large pool.
ey will be inspired by the current A First Class Watering Place exhibition, and oer families the chance to try out dierent activities each week, from making their own paper brooch to designing a pair of 60s sunglasses.
After Richmond, Yarm is the most southerly town in the UK to use the Scottish term Wynd for a narrow lane between houses The area known as Goosepool derived from a popular watering place that offered the farmers a chance to fatten their geese up on the way to market on the old road from Darlington to Stockton.
In 2001, just a week or so after 9/11, when everyone still felt numb and strange (and shocked and awed, but as we know, that expression surfaced later, somewhere else) and the sky wore strange apocalyptic cloud streaks that were perfectly innocent and natural but didn't look it, she'd come here with Bob, and they'd stood where she stood now, looking down at the isthmus upon which had been constructed the elegant Victorian watering place that was Llandudno.