watering hole

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a health resort near a spring or at the seaside

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Other neighboring Emirates and countries do not allow alcohol at all and although Dubai's watering holes are almost exclusively in incredibly ostentatious hotels, the possibility is there to unwind after a day's work.
They stamped the Liver Bird on all of our hearts as an all-generations watering hole.
Though Saratoga lost its status as the preeminent elite watering hole, it prospered nonetheless, epitomizing, in Sterngass' view, an emerging American culture that elevated "consumption as the means of achieving felicity" (147).
As the days wore on, however, fewer people attended the socials, although there was no other watering hole on campus or within walking distance.
Kids playing around a watering hole on their property (yes, kids still do that) have discovered a threatened species of frog not seen in 34 years.
Dark paneled walls join old leather chairs and stained-glass skylights at this watering hole for poets, politicians and patricians.
I met Jennifer while making my way around a local watering hole," Kenneth wrote.
SCIENTISTS have uncovered a dinosaur's watering hole under a college football field during excavations for a new lake.
Just make sure it's at the golf course or the watering hole, not in the boardroom.
For a place that's all about the past, the future is starting to look a whole lot brighter after three investors recently bought the 100-plus year old watering hole.
Schaefer used the watering hole analogy to explain the need to lower barriers between sometimes competing organizations for the good of the entire automotive industry.
I] noticed, though, that there wasn't any central watering hole for us.
I ran into Lynne at a local watering hole recently and she was pretty quiet about the project, although she let on that Molly Parker will star and that cinematographer Greg Middleton (whose work on Jeremy Podeswa's The Five Senses was one of the few redeeming factors in an otherwise empty exercise) is on board.
Viewers can see a host of other animals roaming as well, from Vultures to Zebras to Springboks drinking along the watering hole.
In the wilds of Africa, when it's time for a family of elephants gathered at a watering hole to leave, the matriarch of the group gives the "let' s-go rumble" - as it's referred to in scientific literature - kicking off a coordinated and well-timed conversation, of sorts, between the leaders of the clan.