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a container with a handle and a spout with a perforated nozzle

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Regular readers of this column know I advocate a number of favourites that rarely fail to perform well, such as the old favourite Felco secateurs, the Wolf range of snap-on garden tools and the Hawes range of watering cans made right here in the West Midlands.
We may know that a well-crafted watering can is a joy to use as well as behold.
Weird Victorian tools, plant Marker sand keep off the grass signs might be redundant in these days of decking and postage stamp-sized gardens, but they are no less collectable' Vintage lawnmowers, wheelbarrows, watering cans and even garden tools continue to give good service, but they also make a charming collection and amusing conversation piece
Gardeners were being urged to consider the benefits of using watering cans to tend their lawns and plants by a firm hoping to cash in on the hosepipe ban.
A can with a broad, somewhat shallow bucket and an extra-long spout is less tiresome to use, since the weight of the spout helps balance that of the water (see the large watering can in the photograph on the facing page).
On a recent shopping expedition, we noticed a fresh interest in watering cans, clocks and vases, while decorative flags, stepping stones and candles have lost their cachet.
For some old cans can be worth a fortune, as auctioneers Sotheby's are set to prove on May 20 when they sell 18 vintage specimens, including some made by the John Haws Watering Can Company, based in Smethwick, Birmingham.
Sales manager Steve Riley said he had noticed a run on water butts on his travels around the country and believes watering can sales are set to follow.
The matter was reported to the police and they prosecuted the driver, who denied having a watering can on his lorry.
The care home is asking Thornaby residents for donations of sensory equipment including, tactile furnishings such as wall art, cushions, bubble lamps, projectors as well as light exercise equipment such as soft balls, rubber rings, bean bags, rubber balls, play parachutes Gardening tools such as boxes, baskets, plastic gardening tools, gloves, seed packets, lengths of water hose, watering cans, and spray bottles are also wanted as well as cleaning items such as rubber gloves, pegs, feather duster, cloths, and brushes.
The spray gun has three settings: there's a jet spray for cleaning, a rose spray for a rainlike watering effect, and fast fill - which is a speedy way to refill your watering cans when you're doing the rounds.
French and English watering cans including watering cans including one small enough to be one small enough to be child friendly.
Residents in | Shakespeare Street and Saxon Road take the chance to fill watering cans and buckets during the drought of 1976 after water rushed into the drains at Stoke Park School.
So it's watering cans and even hoses to the rescue.