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a container with a handle and a spout with a perforated nozzle

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He said: "We probably sold more watering cans this weekend than we have in the last two months.
There's a reason the traditional metal watering can remains popular, and it isn't nostalgia.
Haws Watering Cans, based in Smethwick, Sandwell, has been making the containers since 1886 and is anticipating good sales in the coming months.
When it comes to watering cans, gardeners do indeed fall into two camps: those who love their watering cans and those who think the first camp is batty.
Sotheby's expert Alistair Morris said: 'There is nothing more emblematic of gardening than a watering can - a simple vessel which started out as a pottery pot and only turned into a 'can' made of metal in the late 17th century.
Leafy Lane galvanized bucket; Kitchen garden gift set; Kids' tool pouch; UK's Finest Gardens DVDs; Leafy Lane watering cans; Little Gardeners' wheelbarrow; Mushroom logs; Gardener's bucket pocket; Haxnicks patio planters; Unwins boxed amaryllis gift
sales manager Steve Riley is hoping for a flood of watering can orders this summer.
Watering cans would present an even greater problem.
Safety tips include double checking valves, and avoiding placing pipes in drains, ponds, buckets or watering cans where they can become submerged.
Display them with lots of fresh greenery, small potted plants, and even galvanized watering cans to complete the garden idea.
WITH hospipe bans expected as the hot, dry summer continues, watering cans have been flying off the shelves.
Easy to install, it comes with a push-fit lid, stand, rainwater diverter kit and a tap so you can easily fill watering cans.
The spray gun has three settings: there's a jet spray for cleaning, a rose spray for a rainlike watering effect, and fast fill - which is a speedy way to refill your watering cans when you're doing the rounds.
So it's watering cans and even hoses to the rescue.