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* http://www.ntsb.gov/publictn/1998/SS9801.pdf [Personal Watercraft Safety].
And while the PWC industry would have the public believe that these small vessels are no more dangerous than other recreational watercraft, in reality PWC operators are injured 8.5 times as often as those operating other motorized watercraft.
With this in mind, whether you've just discovered that an executive officer is using a personal yacht that is more than 26 feet in length for business purposes, or your company has purchased a watercraft for commercial, research or pleasure purposes, you will likely need to look beyond the ISO Commercial General Liability policy to cover the unique exposures relating to the ownership, maintenance, use or entrustment to others of any watercraft owned or operated by, or rented or loaned to any insured.
He said a personal watercraft was 'a potential lethal weapon
According to AP, the new rules will only apply to trains and watercraft operating within the state, and will be introduced over a two-year period beginning in 2006.
"USLA intends to create a consensus national standard that can be used by all agencies and organizations employing personal watercraft in rescue," said B.
The code of conduct sets out designated zones for the use and launch of watercraft, gives information about parking, penalties and refuelling and tells the public how to report watersport enthusiasts who misbehave.
"We realize it can be difficult for claim professionals working primarily on auto or home claims to excel in boat coverages, liability, and damages if they see just one or two watercraft claims a year," said Jennifer lamb, the new unit's claim manager.
Before company founder Wilson Creek invented and patented the U-Boat circa 1990, personal fishing watercraft was limited to "just tires and tubes," said Creek Co.
However, motorized personal watercraft, such as the Powerski jet board, are subject to significant restrictions in many states.
With an ongoing emphasis on R & D and product improvement, Souris began placing their watercraft with outfitters on both sides of the Ontario-Minnesota border, allowing them to test out their canoe.
The JP 2048 program, begun in 1997, is developing new amphibious watercraft for the Royal Australian Navy's amphibious transports (one of which is shown here), beginning with HMAS Manoora (ex-USS Fairfax County) and HMAS Kanimbla (ex-USS Saginaw).
He or she needs to hold or have held an approved certification in lifeguard training or swim instruction (such as Water Safety Instruction [WSI] or AUSTSWIM) or be an instructor or instructor trainer from a boating or watercraft organization or hold an equivalent certification.
Personal watercraft (PWCs), including Jet Skis, have long been the scourge of environmentalists because of the high levels of noise, air and water pollution they generate.
I WRITE regarding the use of wetbikes and similar personal watercraft in Cardiff Bay (Viewpoints, August 13).