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Synonyms for watercourse

natural or artificial channel through which water flows

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a conduit through which water flows

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Minister of Land Management, Water and Sanitation Services, Mr Prince Maele will today leave for Namibia to attend Zambezi Watercourse Technical Committee (ZAMTEC) Council of Ministers meeting on tomorrow.
FOR years I have been asking for the watercourse which runs alongside the Black Path in Beechwood to have a thorough clean-out and for it to be dredged, so that the many schoolchildren who pass it twice a day can see what a watercourse should look like, rather than what it did - an eyesore, used for flytipping.
Given the inefficiencies-at least 30 per cent of the water was lost on the way-and the pervasive rent-seeking by the irrigation officials, a decentralised system of management, involving water users in making decisions from the canal-head to the watercourse level, was introduced gradually in the last decade.
The company admitted one environmental offence for an unauthorised discharge water, containing silt and sediment, from the construction site into a nearby watercourse that runs into Grimescar Dyke.
A recently approved ECNEC project aims at saving water in Sindh through three steps where improving watercourse rightfully tops the list.
Economic feasibility of watercourse lining covering the entire area of its command is very necessary as it has been adopted to accomplish certain objectives that should reflect in the form of resultant benefit and prosperity of an area.
The North Tyneside Parks Team is now reassessing the management of vegetation on the bank side of the watercourse to ensure there is no disturbance to the birds.
A case study of the discordant hydropolitics of the Nile River Basin--perhaps the most significant watercourse lacking a cooperative management agreement--best illustrates these limitations.
He said that silting of Graban rainy watercourse with sand and soil damaged the sewerage pipeline of the college, thus causing its closure.
Mrs A borehole was established here because the watercourse coming down from the north is not receiving anything like the flow of water it received when the park was first laid out.
However, you will need permission for any operations from the relevant authority, which will depend on the type of watercourse, but usually the Environment Agency.
Conserving open watercourses is one of RCTCBC's major aims and, where possible, RCTCBC will encourage and promote the removal of culverts in order to restore a more natural watercourse environment.
The Volta Basin is a West African watercourse encompassing six riparian states, some of the most impoverished nations in the world.
Watercourse data: The selected distributaries such as Fazal Shah, Qadir, Allah Hoo and Abdul Hakeem take off from Lower Bari Doab Canal (LBDC).
The UN Watercourses Convention is a flexible and overarching global legal framework that establishes basic standards and rules for cooperation between watercourse states on the use, management, and protection of international watercourses.