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The Aqua-Cleanse system automatically removes 100% of the contaminated water from the booth and replaces it through the water-wash scrubbing nozzles and water-wash screen with clean, treated water--saving downtime and maintenance and greatly enhancing the environmental impact of the paint plant.
Most water-wash recyclers also reject oil bottles, which are landfilled to avoid disposal problems.
"The water-wash plate material is amazing," said Johnny Melton, prepress manager, Jet Printing, White Bluff, TN, USA.
Paint finishing plant specialist, Delta Process Systems Ltd, has launched an integrated water-wash paint spray booth and sludge removal system, which is said to achieve considerable cost-savings over conventional booths that utilise manual or semi-automatic sludge removal methods.
The new plates are designed for high print quality at fast production times, while lowering cost-in-use compared to thermal, solvent or other water-wash technology.
Items supplied included open fronted water-wash spraybooths, a totally enclosed water-wash spraybooth, an enclosed preparation booth, cartridge type powder coating booth, large and small stoving/curing ovens and a heated air replacement unit.
In the late 1990s, Anderson & Vreeland introduced Cosmolight, a water-wash flexo plate from Toyobo.
RBCOR, LLC is the exclusive distributor of ELASLON flexo printing plates, MIRACLON water washable printing plates for letterpress and dry offset, RIGILON for matrix molding and TORE-FLEX water-wash flexo plates.
Choose from a wide selection of single and multi-function photopolymer processors for solvent and water-wash plates by innovative manufacturers, including Mekrom.
Platemaking equipment includes a wide selection of single and multi-function photopolymer processors for solvent and water-wash plates, along with laser-imaged CTP processors that deliver the highest quality output at a low cost.
The Green Logic product line by PPG offers manufacturers environmentally responsible options for paint denaturants or detackifiers used in water-washed paint spray booths.
Highlighted in the literature are water-washed clays, surface-treated water-washed clays, delaminated clays and calcined clays.
Water-washed smectite clays have long been used as bleach-stable thickeners and suspending agents in hypochlorite-based cleaners.
This particular jogger hardly notices the small flock of plovers running back and forth on the water-washed sand.
In addition to these new visual features, the brochure includes discussion on the importance of brightness, finishing forms and engineering (beneficiation) when selecting a water-washed, delaminated, treated or calcined clay.