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underground surface below which the ground is wholly saturated with water

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Figure 8(c) depicts the variation with time of the two studied water tables. The phreatic water table monitored by piezometer p1 is located at an elevation of around 716 m to 716.5 m asl, 2 m above the interface between the morainic cover and the laminated clays (which is also the base of the aquifer).
Unprecedented ground water exploitation has led to its depletion as well as the deterioration of the overall water quality, as falling water tables lead to deteriorating quality.
On the San Joaquin Valley's west side, the water table plunged 400 feet in the early and mid-20th century due to pumping, but now it has dipped even lower.
As a response to climatic change, the position of the water table in boreal and subarctic peatlands will be modified [2], and heavy precipitation events and number of wet days are expected to increase in northern Europe [3].
He added that farmers have drilled 21m deep and are drawing large quantities of underground water out, and water tables are decreasing at an accelerating rate in Punjab, Haryana, Rajasthan, Gujarat and Tamil Nadu.
Yet, high water table, low permeable top soils, and unsuitable drainage systems caused large area of the consolidated paddy fields planted April to September and the rest of the time being waterlogged and pounded which result in considerable areas either going out of production or experiencing reduced yield.
Water tables have gone up marginally in Chennai, Bangalore, Agra and Ahmedabad, while the fall in Greater Mumbai was over 22 feet in the same period.
For horizontal water tables the profiles are governed by the surface topography and by the channel proximity: from the surface down to 1.50 m depth the ranges of [CE.sub.1/5] evolution are 1-7, 8-20, and 10-30 mS x [m.sup.-1] for the locations close by the channel (5 m), intermediate (10 m), and far-off (22 m), respectively.
lb) despite differences in water tables. Soil moisture was more variable among samples and over time in the mineral-soil wetlands (5-6-fold range of variation in each of the four sites) than the cedar swamp plots (<2-fold range of variation).
We are constantly measuring the water tables and levels of the different Masafi wells, ensuring that none of the wells are depleted before it has time to re-generate itself.
Hill and her team "have compiled an excellent record of local water tables dropping" but their assumptions about the region's geology may be incorrect, says Joel L.
As water tables fail, the springs that feed rivers also go dry, reducing flows.
The failure of governments to limit pumping to the sustainable yield of aquifers means that water tables are now falling in countries that contain more than half the world's population, including the big three grain producers--China, India, and the United States.