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The official explained that the State authorities put Khartoum North water plant at full capacity and used some auxiliary wells in the locality to make up for the shortage.
At the time of the boil water notice, Amaya was water utilities director for Webb County, and Camacho was supervisor of the water plant.
At that point, according to John Driscoll, general manager of the light and water plant, the utility decided to go a different route.
The project includes extending pipelines and establishing new station to transport water to enable the Authority to transfer and distribute 48 million gallons of water that will be produced in the first phase of the plant that it is established and operated by Al Dur Power and Water Plant.
Following the French utility firm's recent acquisition of International Power, which owns a 40 per cent stake in the power and water plant, the company is expected to reduce its effective 70 per cent holding, with Japan's Sumitomo Corp the - already holding a 30 per cent stake - the most likely buyer.
Building owners and operators have the biggest opportunity to realize savings where the facility consumes the most energy - the central chilled water plant," said Magdy Mekky, Johnson Controls vice president and managing director for the Middle East.
The new cogeneration facility will produce enough electric and thermal energy to drive the recycled water plant.
A gas leak killed two people yesterday at a heavy water plant run by Pakistan's atomic energy agency in central Punjab province.
1 million pounds of granular activated carbon (GAC) to the Jiaxing Nanjiao Water Plant in China for drinking water purification.
Tokyo, Japan, Feb 3, 2006 - (JCN) - Construction company Taisei announced on February 1 that it has developed a technique to promote the germination and growth of buried water plant seeds.
A SOLIHULL park is getting some new carpet - to help control a water plant that is taking over marsh land.
And when the local centaur-like aliens begin acting strangely and the water plant called the Starswarm learns to communicate, it's up to Kip to save not only his own life but the lives of all the colonists.
The fact that the Mecosta County, Michigan bottled water plant paid only around $150 in fees for its operations--and received enormous tax benefits--doesn't sound like someone paving equitably for water.
The principal new and ongoing projects with commercial opportunities are: Panama Bay Clean Up, Chilibre water plant, parallel line aqueduct, distribution system optimization, Las Tablas water plant and Panama City coastal band.
Add a small water plant (such as a dwarf umbrella plant) in a bonsai dish, rocks, a submersible pump, and a bamboo spout that's a variation of the traditional Japanese deer scarer, or shishi odoshi (often sold at nurseries).