water moccasin

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venomous semiaquatic snake of swamps in southern United States

any of numerous North American water snakes inhabiting fresh waters

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But my neighbors were convinced both their pond and mine teemed with water moccasins.
On another occasion, Baker tied a tourniquet around a friend's finger after the friend had been bitten by a water moccasin.
There were the copperhead (mainly confined to the North Florida prairies, I was relieved to discover); the water moccasin, with its nasty temper and horrible, gaping white mouth; the deadly rattler; and most venomous of all, the red--yellow--and black-striped coral snake, easy to confuse with a more benign species, the book warned, unless you knew that its red and yellow bands were always adjacent to each other--thus the helpful rhyme, "Red and yellow will kill a fellow.
Ma, if I was swimming and a water moccasin bit me, would I get sick?
His target is the Cajun Mafia operating in New Orleans and the terrifying swampland of Louisiana, where poisonous water moccasin snakes dangle from the branches and alligators bask on the Mississippi mud.
The water moccasin is a large member of the pit viper sub-family which lives in swamps on the east coast of the USA.
Snakes, including the copperhead, cottonmouth water moccasin, eastern coral snake, and several varieties of rattlesnakes all have potentially deadly bites.
The water moccasin was as big as my arm and arrayed in a lazy S-shape, its well-camouflaged body blending perfectly with the surrounding foliage.
In the dark, we could only pray that each painful prick of our young hides was made by thorns, not the fangs of a leg-sized water moccasin.
a water moccasin, threw half an orange on its head.
Among aquatic snakes, that's a tell-tale characteristic of the venomous cottonmouth, aka the water moccasin.
I once watched helplessly as my grandfather broke out only paddle on a stump while dispatching a water moccasin.
But like the water moccasin that crawled into Martens' boat motor after the gator disappeared, don't be surprised if this rookie shows some serious bite; he hasn't won three Angler of the Year awards in Western professional bass circuits on luck alone.