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a European mint that thrives in wet places

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Marsh marigolds, purple loosestrife, yellow iris, bogbean, ragged robin and water mint will all grow happily in waterlogged soil and attract lots of insects.
Water mint (Mentha aquatica) and creeping primrose (Ludwigia palustris) are also very enthusiastic--you may want to isolate them in their own containers and keep the pruning shears close at hand.
Peppermint is a hybrid between spearmint and water mint that was developed in the 1600s.
PEPPERMINT - Used to treat upset stomach, nausea, diarrhea, colds, headaches and cramps, this hearty hybrid of spearmint and water mint can be easily grown on any windowsill.
Another creation, African Water Mint & Ginger hair and body care, was developed with such detoxifying ingredients as natural African water mint, activated charcoal, and ginger and opuntia extracts.
Adult moths are lured towards paler coloured flowers which show up at dusk such as hemp agrimony (Eupatorium cannabinum), nightscented flowers such as evening primrose (Oenothera biennis) and night-scented stock, long tubular flowers including common honeysuckle (Lonicera periclymenum) and Verbena bonariensis, open flowers such as cosmos and bishop's weed (Ammi majus), and aquatic plants such as aromatic water mint or purple loosestrife," she says.
It's not very much of a meadow - an acre of grass (just mown) sloping down to a trickle of a stream half choked with meadowsweet and water mint and hemmed in by hedgerows of hawthorn, hazel and blackthorn.
Try Origins' Ginger With A Twist Sublime body wash with ginger, lime, orange, mandarin and grapefruit, pounds 15 (0800 731 4039), Elemis Sharp Shower containing peppermint and nettle extract, pounds 15 (01278 727 830), Champneys Spa Therapy Water Mint Stimulating shower gel with peppermint, spearmint and orange, pounds 5 from Sainsbury's, or Naj Oleari Soothing shower gel, pounds 12 House of Fraser.
Treading past the dandelions, which may find their way into the likes of a dandelion and watercress salad with goat's cheese you come to a pond with its water mint.
Water mint Mentha aquatica and creeping primrose Jussiaea repens are aggressive, vigorous plants that need regular pruning.
If you're an airy, sparkly and light type of girl or you're just in the mood to flirt, a spritz of this will have your man coming close to inhale all that water lily, frosted jasmine and water mint.
The African Water Mint & Ginger Body and Hair Care Collection was developed to detoxify the skin and hair of impurities, the company says, and since January has been exclusively available at CVS/pharmacy outlets.
There are plenty of beautiful plants that do not do well in open water, but thrive in a bog garden, for example purple loosestrife, marsh marigold and water mint.
Perfect Sleep Pillow Mist, pounds 6; Water Mint Stimulating Shower Gel, pounds 5; Skin Smooth Hip & Body Lotion, pounds 10; Spa Heaven Oriental Body Glistening Oil, pounds 7.
Buddleia, ox-eye daisy, cornflower, campanula, hyssup, columbine, petunia, thyme, heliotrope, polyanthus, sweet rocket, aubretia, red valerian, Michaelmas daisies, yellow alyssum, water mint, phlox, primrose, sweet william, catmint, wallflowers, scabious.