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meter for measuring the quantity of water passing through a particular outlet

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For a quick calculation on whether the water meter will save you money, the Consumer Council for Water have introduced a Water Meter Calculator to see if households can save money on their water bills.
Police said since then 14 other water meters were stolen.
They didn't want a water meter because they thought it would push up their bills.
Michael Bastes, chief of the Mandaue City Theft and Robbery Section (TRS), advised the public to put a lock or metal cage on their water meter to discourage thieves.
Councilwomen Cindy Miscikowski and Ruth Galanter argued that the city can't afford to absorb the cost, and the savings of a second water meter exceeds the fee.
The demand for more accurate water meter reading continues to grow at a robust rate," says senior analyst Neil Strother.
Tenders are invited for work includes approx 13 ea 1" water meter installation; 6 ea 1" water meter installation in concrete; 3 ea 1" water meter installation in asphalt pavement; 3 ea 2" water meter installation; 3 ea 2" water meter installation in concrete; 1 ea 2" water meter installation in asphalt pavement; 462 sf sawcut, demolition, disposal and restore asphalt pavement.
If you don't have a water meter installed, and don't get your own plumber on the case or call the city's Department of Environmental Protection by Friday, April 14th to request the installation of a water meter, you will likely have to pay a frontage surcharge as of July 1.
City records revealed that adjacent apartment owners, who had paid for the water meter, were legally responsible for its upkeep, he said.
TechNavio's analysts forecast the Global Smart Water Meter market to grow at a CAGR of 15 percent over the period 2011-2015.
Tenders are invited for Construction of the Water Meter Upgrades - 2017 project
Inexpensive, durable water meters, like the TM Series Digital Water Meter sold by Assured Automation, provide a quantitative analysis of water consumption.
With the current rates structure, wastewater charges are also directly tied to water consumption measured by the water meter.
After the examining a building's population density and age, and the type and age of water fixtures in the building, it may be recommended that the building take advantage of the City's "Window of Opportunity" Program, which allows buildings to install their own water meter ahead of the City's Bureau of Water Register schedule.