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a jug that holds water

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How much: House wine by the glass e1/44, infused filtered water jug e1/42, smoothies e1/44.95, Iced Tumeric Latte e1/43, iced pink pitaya latte e1/44.50
They added: "There was widespread confusion over the water jug system and jugs were being misused."
If you were planning on buying an inexpensive emergency water jug from the Eugene Water & Electric Board this summer, you're too late.
At lunch time a kind HCA offered water, the patient expressed joy and the kind person grabbed the empty water jug and began to walk.
The cost of the water is USD0.03-USD0.05 per gallon in Canada, the same as a standard water cooler with a water jug on top.
In this video posted on Facebook and YouTube on June 16, protesters are seen quickly grabbing a tear gas canister fired from police and dropping it into a water jug to extinguish the heating element of the canister and stopping the spread of the gas.
Ice Cream My wife then ordered icecream and rubbed it on her forehead, along with ice from the water jug.
illard also received an engraved silver water jug from US House of Representatives speaker John Boehner, valued at about 300 dollars, after she delivered an address to the Congress.
As part of Mesa, Ariz.'s Water-Use It Wisely campaign, the city's Red Mountain Library featured a 16-foot-tall, 136-gallon water jug pyramid during the month of June.
Instructions: Cross off all of the pictures of DESCENDING DOVES that are one square above the MAGI AND THEIR GIFTS, one square to the left of a WATER JUG, or directly between two HEBREW SCROLLS (either horizontally or vertically).
On a Saturday morning I'll collect my pick, shovel, rakes, bow-saw, shears, hatchet and water jug and toss them into the wheelbarrow.
COULD you please put a value on this teapot which has gold decoration and the hot water jug with a pewter lid (if it is a hot water jug).
Where can I get a modern-looking, glass water jug that won't cost much?
And a water jug was used to collect donations to AMERICAN FORESTS' Global ReLeaf campaign.