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a container filled with water that surrounds a machine to cool it

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3) using 1D code while the second option is the detailed simulations of the local flows within components, like the radiator, water jacket, thermostat and others using 3D CFD software.
The diameter of the water jacket was reduced and the capacity diminished from eight to six pints.
Every two years or so the water jacket should be removed and the inside checked for mineral deposits and scale.
A patented airflow management system keeps the mill cool without traditional water jackets.
Grants will be made available with recommended skilled contractors carrying out the work in addition to a package of discounted energy efficiency measures such as loft insulation, hot water jackets and low energy light bulbs.
With its stock oil filter location, expanded water jackets and four bolt mains, our block is a perfect platform for today's high performance engines.
A basic AquaMaKKs brake housing with special alloy stainless steel torque (center) plates installed instead of water jackets.
The attack was a brilliant success, due largely to the fact that during a 12-hour period 250 rounds short of one million were fired at a range of 2,000 yards by the 10 guns; at least four gas cans of water in addition to all the canteens and urine tins of the Company were emptied into the water jackets for cooling purposes and two soldiers operated a belt-Loading machine without stopping once during that time frame.
The engine has been retuned for more midrange torque and, apart from the increase in displacement, there's also an all-alloy cyclinder with plated bores and new water jackets.
For example, one moldmaker may put its water jackets into the cavity, while another may run water through the plate.
These units have been supplied complete with hot water jackets which ensure that the chocolate remains at its critical temperature.
Argentina purchased 50 guns from Maxim Nordenfelt in 1895 and another 130 from DWM in 1898 and 20 in 1902: Of these; the first 180 had full brass water jackets, brass spade grips, the early crank and the 1889-type lock; In 1909 they were rebarreled and new sights were installed to accommodate the newly adopted 7.
A series of alternating friction discs and water jackets.
As well as their traditional Pinch Valve, the company now sells Hygienic Pinch Valves, Pinch Valves fitted with hot water jackets, Pressure Relief Valves, Diaphragm Valves, Knifegate Valves, Aeration Pads and Butterfly Valves.
A variety of options is available with the Omnifit range, including water jackets.