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plaything consisting of a toy pistol that squirts water

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Bar owners carried their water guns and had barrels of water at their storefronts, for refills.
I'm happy to get a soaking from the Toots' water guns to help cool off in the heat
'Take as much as you want, and you can borrow this, too,' he said, handing over a power water gun. 'Unli' water was a game changer.
The day was filled with water-based fun and activites including water ballons, water guns and buckets filled with - you guessed it - more water.
Sinchon, western Seoul, turned into a water park with participants, some in raincoats, firing water guns at each other.
At Daaku Day, the graduating batch 'loots' their juniors using water guns, all in good humour.
Stimulating effects will include spraying water, water explosions, rain, waterfalls, neck blasts, water guns, and fountains.
People celebrate the occasion by splashing water onto others with bowls, tanks, hoses and water guns.
Summary: Violence erupted after students brought colour powder and water guns to college to celebrate Holi, but was denied permission by staff members
The sisters kept the fun theme going when they soaked the Miami Beach crowd with water guns.
If you happen to be in a city with a large Indian population on Monday, don't be too alarmed if you see a mass of people coating each other with colored powder and shooting water guns. You will have just walked into a celebration of Holi, one of the largest and certainly most colorful events in the Hindu calendar.
Such toys, excepting water guns, must also have a closed barrel.
The Nerf Super Soaker Hydro Cannon may not be cheap, but it is definitely one of the biggest water guns you can get in India.
Also planned are water balloon fights, water guns and other attractions like bungee jumping, a mini aqua park, a DJ arena and a concert.
To add to the fun, people are encouraged to bring water buckets, inflatables and water guns to squirt and splash each other with.