water gun

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plaything consisting of a toy pistol that squirts water

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Lamb, who shed some light on his father's accomplishments, particularly developing the water gun knife.
The 50cm-long water gun had been in the pub's garden along with other novelty toys and a paddling pool.
Diller suggests that if you've got kids with you, run with a large water gun.
Negative press hurt sales, and revenues from the water gun are down to $70 million annually.
As part of the Consent Judgment, Buzz Bee acknowledged that certain of its water gun products infringe Hasbro's patent.
The previous iOS update last August previewed parenting-themed emojis and replaced the pistol emoji with a shiny green water gun after an anti-gun violence group called Apple's attention.
In an announcement on Monday, Apple casually hinted at the switcheroo by mentioning "beautiful redesigns of popular emoji" emojis and debuting a picture of the plastic water gun emoji.
Tenders are invited for High Pressure Water Gun One Set Consisting Of 3 Items 1 Pistola Astra Has A 3/8 Inch Bsp Inlet Connection And A 1/4 Inch Npt Outlet Connection Pressure Max 320 Bar Temperature 150 2 900 Mm Lance 3 61 D 1/4 Inch Wp 225 Bat 3265 Psi High Pressure Pipe 40 Mtr Attached And Adepter.
Supply of (a) a water gun & (b) a small mechanized trolley carrying a mini robot to handle explosive objects.
I managed to encounter some of the wildlife there as well - in the form of a chav on the wild rapids who I managed to squirt in the face with a water gun.
Quest for Chi is an absolute blast - I defy anyone who fails to be consumed by that inner child with water gun in hand as it begins.
Other pictures released by Souza show the President enjoying touching moments with his family - a loving father hugging his daughters Malia and Sasha at this year's DNC, an affectionate husband pulling his First Lady Michelle tight as they watch a sunset over Chicago city skyline at Lake Michigan and as a big kid running around a swimming pool with a large water gun while daughter Sasha squirts water at him.
SAVE: pounds 5 Sizzlin' Cool Aqua Power X$75 Water Gun, Toys R Us.
On Monday, Prosecutor General Gholam-Hossain Mohseni-Ejai, accused unnamed foreign hands of organizing the water gun campaign.
The prize package features a Knight And Day duffle bag, T-shirt, notebook, UV invisible ink pen, blackberry case, cap and water gun set plus a pair of complimentary tickets to see the film at Cineworld.