water gun

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plaything consisting of a toy pistol that squirts water

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Bar owners carried their water guns and had barrels of water at their storefronts, for refills.
(http://www.abc.net.au/news/2018-04-29/gun-emoji-replaced-with-toy-water-pistol-across-platforms/9708406) ABC pointed out that the switch from the handgun emoji to a water gun design comes after the mass demonstrations carried out by thousands of students in the United States to demand for tighter gun control laws.
of so Tip TO water hanging baskets quickly, use a child's water gun. Aim and fire just above the basket so the water falls just like rain.
The handler carried the bag away from the plane and terminal and bomb crews hit the suitcase with a water gun and examined it.Airport spokeswoman Marlene McClinton said authorities determined the bag posed no threat and airport operations weren't affected.
Bomb crews hit the suitcase with a water gun and examined it, Assistant Fire Chief Jack Williams said.
/ Fix the bag to the water gun, fill it, mix it, stir it up.
And I presume that they were only going to enforce the water gun ban against criminals, too!
Gilbert "Gib" Lamb, co-founder of Lamb Weston Inc., who developed the Lamb Water Gun Knife still used by the potato processing industry to slice french fries, has been posthumously inducted into the Frozen Food Industry Hall of Fame in the USA.
A police officer used CS spray on a man who squirted him with a high-powered novelty water gun, a court heard yesterday.
This pump-action water gun doesn't use the old-fashioned stream of water to reach its victim but a perfectly formed ball of water.
Wow, Johnson thought, this could be the ultimate water gun! That brainstorm changed his life--and maybe made yours more fun.
However, he insisted that measures had been taken to keep runners away from the wet patch near the last flight where the water gun had been situated.
Diller suggests that if you've got kids with you, run with a large water gun. "Soak the dog from about 30 feet away before he gets to you."
This year, Lonnie Johnson celebrates the 10th anniversary of his Super Soaker[R] water gun. When BLACK ENTERPRISE featured Johnson in November 1993, he had just begun to bask in the successes of his squid gun eureka, thanks to a deal with top toy manufacturer, Larami Limited, who birthed Johnson's brainchild.
Don't forget your water gun get one with a little more pressure than a child's toy, a pair of goggles, and of course, something to cool you down like Chang beer.