water glass

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a viscous glass consisting of sodium silicate in solution

a glass for drinking water

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gauge for indicating the level of water in e

clock that measures time by the escape of water

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For a moment, I thought he must have been a celebrated mixologist of adult beverages in his younger life.Still, I had my reservations drawn from my turbulent relationship with water glasses growing up.
Sodium water glass R-145 (WG) with silicate modulus M = 2.50 was used as the silicate species source.
The water glasses are impossible-to-replace antiques-and are involved in a classic Kathryn's ghost story.
Grout characteristic is one of the decisive factors of the grouting effect, and the acid water glass is mixed in this experiment.
Many of the 15 projects struck this former educator as terrific and appealing: the half-filled water glass, the vintage car, the airplane, and more.
The various factors affecting the productivity of solar still are solar intensity, wind velocity, ambient temperature, water glass temperature difference, and free surface area of water, absorber plate area, temperature of inlet water, glass angle and depth of water.
(2012) activated an F-type fly ash with 12M NaOH solution and water glass in their experiments.
The example I always like to use is when a server in a restaurant notices a guest's water glass is half full and refills it before the guest has to ask for more.
Water glass should be at the tip of the joint knife.
As he spoke, he carefully moved his espresso cup and his water glass around, positioning them to illustrate the patterns he was seeing in his head.
Zhang, "Preparation of silica aerogels with non-ionic exchange water glass," Journal of Functional Materials, vol.
Fray Unfolded dark and whatever may be done in the dark Shot of interior moving lights Ignite dark with thought to "solving" that which is unclear in the aftermath by magnifying it through a water glass, eye glasses, under glass Ignite desk.
Printed on the white silk are video stills: a scene shot through a water glass full of ice cubes, the expansive arc of the Milwaukee Art Museum's Santiago Calatrava building, quietly joyous images of a teen girl and her friends walking along a windswept beach.
Obtain a tall, transparent water glass. Fill the glass 3/4 full with water.
turned toward the sun next to a water glass crowded with sprigs