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Water Gain Polanter 3-Way planter has 12 holes for flowers, herbs, vegetables and ornamentals.
The experimental values of the various water gain Mt obtained according to time t permit by the use of the software Matlab R2009b the determination of the diffusion coefficient [D.sub.eff] and water gain [M.sub.[infinity]] after the saturation point [24, 32].
With the importance of this clinical role, nurses who understand the process of water regulation, the sources of water gains and losses, assessment, and the types and treatment of dehydration are better prepared to assess and intervene from a sound scientific and physiologic base.
Short contact with moist air may result in significant water gain.
The summerfallow segment had the lowest soil water gain and precipitation storage efficiency even though about half of the 14-month fallow precipitation was received during this segment (Tables 1 and 4).
Tomorrow's obstetricians may rely on a technique called bioimpedance spectroscopy--or BIS--to monitor water gain in their pregnant patients.
Ideally, water at night or early morning for maximum water gain to the soil and the plants.
As a result of the summit in Aktau on August 12, where the presidents of Azerbaijan, Russia, Kazakhstan, Turkmenistan and Iran signed theConvention on the Legal Status of the Caspian Sea, the body of water gained a special, unique status it was declared neither lake nor sea.
Saving mechanism of water has not yet been determined in Pakistan, due to which the water gained through natural resources gets wasted, this is one of the major issues of Pakistan.
In the system, the return water gains heat from the solution-water heat exchanger (SWHX), the flue gas-water heat exchanger (GWHX) and the condenser in sequence.
Micellar water gained popularity here only recently, though it has existed for over a hundred years.
The researchers found that standard mice fed a high-fat diet while also receiving the engineered bacteria via drinking water gained less body weight and body fat than mice given standard drinking water or control bacteria.
Through the transaction, which was announced in May 2014, Kentucky American Water gains about 500 new water customers and some 300 wastewater clients, plus two wholesale customers, Harrison County Water Association and Nicholas County Water District.
Wydon Water gained a further 500 rudd and tench while the crash pond, the TAA's rearing facility at Whittle Dene was seeded with 500 rudd and bream to grown on.