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a public fountain to provide a jet of drinking water

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Beautifully situated at the heart of the 44-ha resort, Okada Manila's The Fountain, will debut a spectacular dancing water fountain show in sync with music and multicolor lights.
The talking water fountain at the Quayside in Newcastle
Those who wish to enter their name suggestions for the water fountain, and to be in with a chance of winning one night's accommodation at the hotel, should email welshnews@dailypost.
Arutz Sheva already revealed last week that Jews have been banned from drinking water on the Temple Mount, whether from bottles or from the public water fountain - despite the fact that Muslims not only host elaborate meals there, but even hold soccer matches at the holy site.
In order to encourage periodic cleaning in fountains of all sizes, Water Fountain Place has provided a free guide to fountain cleaning on their website.
1, 2011), but I wonder what evidence he has that the decline in the use of public beaches and water fountains "reflects our apparent uneasiness with the social mixings of class, race and ethnicity in a common body of water.
So, the state-of-the-art water fountain --seven years and who knows how many dollars later--is finally complete.
Create this indoor water fountain using a planter, rocks and a small pond pump for under $100.
An Emirati driver died yesterday after losing control of his vehicle and smashing into a water fountain.
The black cast-iron figure cost about pounds 5,000 and consists of part of a water fountain which for years had taken pride of place in the town's park.
A TOWN hall will be turned into a giant water fountain next month.
The way Katherman made his point shocked his classmates, teachers, the school's administrators and members of the school board, who had no idea just how gross a water fountain could be.
Norovirus outbreak among primary schoolchildren who had played in a recreational water fountain.