water dropwort

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European poisonous herb having tuberous roots, yellow juice that stains the skin, yellow flowers and foliage resembling celery

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Mae'r llwybr wedyn yn arwain ar hyd un o hen draciau'r glowyr ac mae digon o gyfle yma nid yn unig i weld planhigion fel y llafnlys mawr (Ranunculus lingua; Greater Spearwort) a'r gegiden bibellaidd (Oenanthe fistulosa; Tubular Water Dropwort) ond yn y gaeaf, mi lasach chi fod yn ddigon lwcus i weld rhegen ddwr (Rallus aquaticus; Water Rail).
Other endangered plants include the once-common corn spurrey, basil thyme, prickly saltwort and tubular water dropwort.
It is thought they had both unwittingly eaten hemlock, possibly the plant water dropwort, which is highly poisonous.
It is populated by colonies of birds and exotically-named flora and fauna like the corky-fruited water dropwort.
As home to several species of birds and various other habitats and plant species (including a highly threatened species of endemic plant called the "Schierlings Wasserfenchel" or hemlock water dropwort and habitats listed in the Annexes to the Community Directives on nature conservation), it is classified as a site of Community interest.
Nicole Guy was walking her red setter Bree on Tuesday when she found the poisonous parsnips, also known as Hemlock Water Dropwort.
Background: Water dropwort (Oenanthe javanica) as a popular traditional medicine in Asia shows various biological properties including antioxidant activity.
Roedd gwennol yn sgimio'n isel dros Afon Lleiniog a chegid y dwr (water dropwort) i'w weld ym mhobman.